My Father's World Exploring Countries and Cultures (Would you recommend?)

I am looking into a different curriculum for my soon to be 3rd and soon to be 5th grader. Has anyone used My Father’s World (particularly Exploring Countries and Cultures)? If so, would you recommend it? Why or why not? Thanks so much for your help!

We have used My Father’s World for 4 years now and I love it. We started with exploring countries. I love how it already has everything planned out for you. My kids really enjoy it as well. I don’t use what they recommend for English, math or spelling. I did the first year and we didn’t like it at all. Instead, we use Saxon for math, Rod & Staff for English and spelling you see for spelling (obviously :blush:). This year my daughter wanted to do something a little more fun for art so we added Home Art Studio. I know everyone has different opinions about curriculums but I can’t say enough good things about MFW.

I hope this helps.

Thank you so much for your reply. This helps tremendously!

Thanks for your reply. I am curious what books are required for the kids to read that correlate with the Exploring Countries and Cultures. Do you happen to have the booklist for this curriculum that you could share? One of my boys is an avid reader and the other a reluctant one so I would like to make sure that this curriculum will be right for us. Thanks for all your help!

I’m so glad I could help. I actually sold all of the Exploring Countries curriculum a few years ago so I don’t have a copy of the booklist. I’m sorry. I do remember it was quite intensive. In the back of the TM, it has a weekly suggestion of books to correlate with whatever is being taught that week. They do that with every set they have. They also break up a book list per age group. So basically, it has a suggestion of books to go along with the weekly lesson and it has a book list per age group. The curriculum also comes with several books for reading time. I don’t think you will have a shortage of books. Your son will love all of the options and I found most of them at the library. My kids aren’t avid readers (no matter how much I want them to be) so I could pick and choose what they read and if they didn’t want to it was ok.

Please let me know if I can help with anything else. :smiley:

I used it, but then a few years back found Erica’s Expedition Earth and LOVED it! It has a lot of the same elements and books that MFW uses, but the worksheets and organization of her curriculum was so much better! We used Road Trip USA the next year and loved that too. I would highly recommend weighing that against MFW before deciding. Good Luck!

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Thank you so much faithfulmom. I purchased the Expedition Earth last night.

Yay! Thanks for giving it a try, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

I started with ECC this year and ended up buying and printing Expedition Earth. One reason is that I like the way Erica’s worksheets are and also I liked that it went over more countries.
I honestly just don’t use nearly enough of the MFW materials to make the price worth it. I do really love their geography game but you could make that yourself - pretty easy!
I also would add some of the books that come with MFW - like window on the world, living world encyclopedia, etc.