My 4 years old and 9 months old cant read or write

My kid knows his alphabets and its sounds, shapes, colors, numbers and anything.
but im really concerned about his writing and reading, he cant trace letters and he cant color pictures and anything, even tracing a simple line, he cant do it. he has a problem focusing on reading and writing, he is very hyperactive. he is a suspected adhd child but im still waiting for the doctor’s appointment, he cant even hold his pen properly, he doesn’t have focus especially in writing, he dont want to follow my instructions, is there a parent who has the same experience as me? for the late reader and writer, what old did your child learn how to write and read and even trace? im really worried about my kid, is there anything i can do to make him interested in reading and writing and follow my instructions? please share your experiences with your child? Im hoping that when the right time comes he will listen to me and he will trace his letters and reading properly

I don’t have the same experiences as you, but I can definitely recommend she has an amazing website with a lot of information on helping struggling learners.

I would also like to say that your son is still very young, and sometimes it just takes kids a bit longer to gain the mental capability to focus. I would definitely recommend using tactile, hands-on, kinesthetic activities for him as well. So if practicing letters, you can do activities like this:

For practicing writing:
!) get a cookie sheet, fill it with sand, sugar, or salt and let him trace letters in the sand.
2) practice writing on a white board with dry-erase (kids love those!)
3) have him use a stamp and ink, then stamp inside the letter shapes
cut them out, lace through the letters, poke the letters with a push pin (activities all available in my Letter of the week preschool curriculum)
4) fill a gallon ziplock bag with washable tempera paint about 1/3 fill, then carefully seal the bag so it lays flat. Tape it to the counter and have him write the letters in the paint. The counter will show through where he presses.
5) read TO him, find SHORT books he is interested in and sit and read with him in the evenings before bedtime. Make it a routine :slight_smile: Find books with pictures as well, most beginner readers come with fun illustrations. And if needed get one that is tactile as well.
6) Be patient :slight_smile: Reading comes with practice and lots and lots of patience! Kids will get it when they are ready, some earlier, and some later. If he does have some delays that’s okay just identify them with your doctor, and help him work through them.

One of the lovely things about homeschooling is that we can meet our kids where they are and help them unlock any blocks they may be experiencing through our curriculum choices!

Hope that helps a little :slight_smile!

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Welcome! Honestly, most 4 year-olds don’t read and write yet. That alone doesn’t concern me at all. Now, it may be that something else is going on, so if you are seeing other signs, I would look into it as you are doing. Many kids aren’t ready to read until 6 or 7 though–their little brains are growing and developing in so many ways at this age! Erica posted great ideas for engaging him. I would try very short lessons (5-10 minutes is plenty) with those ideas at a time when he might be more ready to focus. For some kids, that might be early in the day, right after breakfast. For other kids, that might be after having 1-2 hours of running around outside to play and get the wiggles out. (Outside time is good for all kids, but especially important if he does have ADHD–aim for at least an hour of “green time” each day whenever possible.)

And you may need to just put reading and writing activities up for several months and try again in January or so.

thanks for the awesome information.