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“Routine is the enemy”…ever heard that quote? But in homeschooling it seems to be the WAY!! I know that quote is more geared to the fitness side of life and they add on to that quote with the talk of consistency being the way. Is it possible to just be consistent on a daily basis with homeschooling and running a business from home?? And having sanity left over? :wink: I’m honestly debating whether to throw my kiddos in public school next school year (2nd & Kinder) so that I can just spend my day trying to focus solely on a business…selfish sounding huh? But if anyone who is doing this lifestyle already can tell me there’s a way, I’m all ears!! Putting them in a public school next school year is all for selfish reasons…nothing to do with their learning or personalities. @erica, I know you’re pretty much doing it!! How do you keep on going & not feel like the groundhog movie!!! :wink:

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Hi! Yes, I think it’s easy to get into a rut with both homeschooling and running a business from home, it happens to me at least a few times a year LOL!

I think at first I didn’t view my blog as official work, so I got in the rut of working too much and neglecting a lot of things at home. So what helped me was getting a good planner that I could track everything in. Then I separated out my tasks so that I gave some time to each thing every day. Technically homeschooling needs to be counted as a full time job because it is. Even though you’re at home, you’re still really need to be present and available to your children during the school hours. I’m not sure what your other job is, but since you can work at home hopefully you can also kind of adjust those hours to fit your schedule.

That said, I set aside time for school, blogging, administrative work, creating new products, and then household things. Once I listed them in a planner in a daily layout it was much easier for me to schedule times to fit everything in and see what I could realistically expect out of my days so I wasn’t constantly feeling behind, or overwhelmed. I don’t always stick to my schedule like glue, but I do try to follow it for the most part and re-schedule things that don’t get done so they aren’t forgotten.

So far that’s helping me stay on track a little better! But it is a challenge, don’t get me wrong. School and work take up a lot of time, and my family still needs me as well. I’ve put that as a priority because I don’t want to miss out on what’s going on at home because I’m poorly managing my work time if that makes sense :smile:

I also made a few adjustments to household chores as well. For example I don’t always have time to get to the grocery store, so I’ve ordered some from Amazon Pantry then I can just run into the store to get produce when needed. That saves me from spending an hour at the store each week.

And if you can afford one I’d look into a house cleaning service. We don’t have one right now, but we did a few years back and it was a huge load off of my plate!

You basically just need to get help where you can, and make changes to your routine so that you can fit in what is a priority. Sometimes you have to let something that’s not such a high priority go as well :slight_smile:

I also enlist our kiddos to help with housework. We all pitch in and help with chores. Many hands make light work :smile: That frees us up for more family and quality time as well.

Actually all of that said, i have a whole chapter on homeschooling and working in my HS101 book too :slight_smile:



I don’t have a home based business but I do try to help my husband with some of his book keeping. But more than that is just how time consuming homeschooling 5 kids and keeping up with housework is. I am curious as to how you schedule everything out? Do you have any sample pages? Also, which planner do you use for everything?

One other thing, I have started using subscribing and save from Amazon but haven’t tried prime pantry. Is that a lot different?


This is kind of an old post, I need to do a new one! But it will give you an idea of how we organize things here:

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I home school and have been for about 5 years, and I am truly thankful to be able to stay home with my children, to watch them grow, to be the main influence in their lives and to help guide and train them into who God wants and has made them to be. I truly believe that a child isn’t ready nor does she have the protection she needs from her parents when she has to go out in the world everyday without her parents. I can hardly confidently do it at times, they certainly aren’t well equipped yet either! It is my job as a parent to equip them. And it takes years to do this, and so much time and effort.
I imagine you feel the same way and you care so very deeply for your children, you have started homeschooling them, you want what’s best for them. Sometimes we just don’t exactly know what the whole picture is supposed to look like, and how to go about it, day in and day out. That is most likely the reason we might start looking into other things to fill in our time or to give us a sense of direction.
It was about our 3rd year into homeschooling, I had three children then, and I had some extra time on my hands and a big desire in the back burner to work from home. It wasn’t a priority but it was a strong desire. I was asked by a friend who is an interior designer to start sewing some draperies for her clients, after she had seen the ones I had sewn for my own home. I gladly accepted it. And while I loved doing it, it also frustrated me so much. And it frustrated my husband, and my children and the home were neglected at times when I just had to put in some time into finishing the project I had started working on. The house was a disaster. It was stresful. It certainly wasn’t a priority but it took the place of one. And that shouldn’t have been so. Then, I knitted some teddy bears for a girl’s newborn baby at my dentist office and the receptionist saw it and ordered one for her daughter’s baby, after I told I’d do so. This was all about the same time. I knitted it. Again, loved doing so, but it took so much time away from my family. I would tell myself, I am sitting here anyway while the children do school… but the truth is that it was taking precious time away from them. I could’ve been much more involved with them, and they need that time with me. And I want that time with them too!
I was offered to sell these products at an art museum but I knew that I just couldn’t. I thanked God He opened my eyes to it so quickly. My little ones are too precious. There will come a time when things will be different here at home, but for now I invest my time and energy into my family and our home. This is my calling at this time.
Of course, I am not saying a home business is wrong or that you shouldn’t pursue one, in fact I believe it is a good work for a homemaker, but what I am saying is that if all the priorities are suffering because of it then it has to go. It’s a sacrifice, but it’s a short timed one and the benefits to be reaped are priceless!
Of course, this was my experience, and we’re all in different places and stages of life, so only take what might be good for you and forget the rest. I just wanted to share this.


Thank you for your response :slight_smile: Totally know what you mean about letting the home and kids take a backseat when you take your focus off of them, even for a moment!! I just see many blogging, homeschooling, entrepmoms doing it all!!! Talk about the Balancing Act!!! :wink: When I read about mom’s seeming so selfless and genuinely enjoying being a mom, I get that knot feeling in my throat, angry at myself for not feeling the same about my season, jealous that I don’t have those same feelings or motivation, confused as to why I want to do more, be more as if my roles right now aren’t enough…guess one would say it’s the enemy just trying to steal my joy in this season huh?? You’re response really makes me think and reconsider some things!! Appreciate you taking time to share this with me!!! :slight_smile:


Great post! I really understand what you are saying. I love to sew and I used to make very cute, matching outfits for my girls but even though I loved it, I also hated it. My kids are too little right now for me to take on anything extra. One day, I might have time but I am happy to have these babies and I know they grow so fast. My Sunday school teacher was teaching in Titus 2:4 and he explained that “…teach the young women…to love their children.” Is talking about a sacrificial love. This made so much sense to me and really opened my mind and heart. Thanks for your example. I know some women can “do it all” but I can’t! And that’s okay!!