MFW vs HOD Help!

We have always used MFW. All boys and the oldest two are almost 8 and 10.

We are in CTG and really hit a struggle this year. I feel that my second is literally just a tagalong and not really learning. He enjoys the literature None of them enjoy the history spines really. We cut all the advanced sections out and added literature/living books.

I feel like I’m losing them. My oldest is always unfocused/distracted or they’re all fighting. Such a struggle to just get through!!

My oldest actually does better when he is alone, close the door to the sunroom and works by himself. He does not like help. He likes to do what subjects he wants to do - whatever order he wants to do them. He likes to be in charge. He’s also a perfectionist.

With his personality and the fact that my second is just tagging along, I’ve been looking at HOD. Feeling like at this point in time, some separation and working on individual skills might be a better fit.

Has anyone been through this? Or have any advice?

Ive kinda been there…lol My 2 oldest are 11months apart and we tried doing math together for a while and it wasn’t working AT ALL, so we switched to two separate math programs for them and its been a wonderful change. During our together subjects one is usually on task and the other is off day dreaming, but I find thats just the personality of that kiddo. If one wants to do subjects on their own (Grammar/math/spelling/workbook stuff or video instruction) then let them. Try and do a read aloud for whatever subject you can do together to save time and let them be separate if it makes them all happier.

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I have used HOD off and on over the years and right now it is working really well for my two youngest who are dd8 and ds11. I always thought I should combine to make things easier for me, but it never worked that well. It always felt like my dd8 was getting dragged along. They also tend to bicker and/or compete. I felt my ds11 needed more independence and harder work.
So this half of the year (I switched in Jan) we are doing Beyond with my dd8 and Preparing with my ds11. I had started Beyond in the past with both of them, trying to combine, so I just picked up where we left off for dd8. I started at the beginning of Preparing for ds11. I started slowly with Preparing, not doing all the boxes in one day, and that gave my son a chance to get used to the workload.
Don’t get too stuck on the grade levels on the guides because it really is skills based, and you know what your child(ren) need to work on. And sometimes kids need time to adjust. My kids enjoy having their own things to work on, and they also sometimes listen in to each other’s history. They also enjoy their own time with me where I can give them my attention, rather than trying to help both at once.
Check the message board on HOD’s website for help placing them or feel free to ask me any questions you might have.

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Thank you! I purchased preparing and beyond. I’m actually looking forward to separating them, to give them their own and their own time with me . Especially my middle child, to give him age appropriate material and no longer a tag along. I really think this is going to be a very good fit for our family.

We have used HOD for my 13 yr old ds for 4 years. It is wonderful and I think will be a blessing to your homeschool. With the way HOD lays out the boxes for each day, they give you indicators as to which boxes need teacher help and what can be independent. Their book choices are excellent. I highly recommend HOD. Hope this helps.


Yes, this does help! Thank you so much! I placed the order and hope to begin 1 April.

Jenns08, glad that was helpful!
One other thing I wanted to mention that I do is combine their story time. Since there is a lot of reading out-loud, I just choose a fiction book they would both enjoy and read that instead of two separate read alouds. But, obviously, feel free to do what works for you.
Remember you can take your time when starting and do half a day for one or both to get used to it.

Thank you for the tips!! I am planning 1/2 days for about 2 weeks w Preparing and just see how Beyond goes. No hurry. Love that I can move them, individually, at own paces. We are going to take our time and enjoy.