Mathematical Reasoning

Is anyone familiar with this? I’ve been comparing different math programs for next year (second grade). The website only shows a couple of sample pages. I’d like to hear if others have used it successfully before I jump in and buy it.

Although we don’t use this particular title,we do use other math books from Critical Thinking Co. They have all been WONDERFUL! We have been using their books for 3 years, and I watched my sons mind morph from standard calculation to actual critical thinking. He problem solves MUCH better, not just in math, but in LIFE:)
I believe Christian Book carries this brand and normally they have pretty extensive samples. Hope this helps😀


I haven’t heard of this company before and now I am curious- Luvmboys what books have you found useful?

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Thank you! I’ll check out their site right away!

Good to know! We have a few of these on the shelf but haven’t quite got to them yet :slight_smile:

I would love to hear opinions on this as well. I saw that this is one of Cathy Duffy’s top picks. She gives her review on it. I would love to hear other mom’s opinions as well. For example, how does this compare to Singapore…?