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Math U See Wooden Box?

Hi all!

I’ve been searching the internet for a Math U See wooden block storage box, and they are elusive. I found one I could order from Hong Kong, but feel certain I could find one in America!!
The MUS website has a contact page for schools for purchase info, which I could do, but wish I could just order one!! Amazon has them but they are “unavailable” currently.
I confess I’m not tech savvy, but I can usually find what I’m looking for. Help?
Thanks! It says to contact Customer Service to ask for “legacy sets” which includes the storage box. (888) 854-6284 is their homeschool customer service #. They may not have any storage boxes anymore, but if they do, that’s the # to call and order. Alternatively, I’d recommend checking ebay.

Did you find the wooden trays? I am closing my private school and found this thread in looking to sell mine.

I’m not sure if you’re still looking to sell, but I have been searching for a wooden storage. Do you have a picture of what you are selling?