Math U See vs. Singapore Math

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I just submitted my paper work to pull my DD (going to Grade 2) out from public school for HS! So, I’m super excited to starting getting the curriculum ready! I’ve been comparing these two math programs, not sure which one I should go with! I read rave review about Math U See and I was just about to purchase it, but then, I heard about Singapore Math. Has anyone trying both of them, what’s your thoughts/experience with these? I like how Math U See have DVD and it explains the fundamental idea of numbers, but, I’m a bit concern that’s a mastery based, as I don’t expect my DD to perform 3 digits multiplication! So, I’m not sure how to choose now. Any inputs will be greatly appreciated!

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@blacktea I have no experience with Singapore Math, but I do with MUS, so I will discuss that. I LOVED the Alpha and Beta sets (adding and subtracting) and feel that the manipulatives helped my daughter a great deal. The trouble we had was when we started Gamma (multiplication). My daughter has learning challenges and when we hit double digit multiplication, we hit the wall. We switched to “lattice multiplication” which worked (a technique, not a curriculum). Then, for division, we moved to a Montessori based method (stamp game - which is neither a game, nor has stamps. Go figure). But it is manipulative based and works well for her.

Others have had wonderful success with Math U See in the Gamma stage (and beyond) and their customer service is stellar. Hope this info helps.

I can tell you both math programs are very good! I would say MUS is a little more relaxed learning - in a very positive way. Singapore has some critical thinking questions and fun game suggestions in their TM which my children enjoyed. I can’t say which is better considering my 2 older daughters liked Singapore over MUS and my 2 older sons preferred MUS over Singapore and my 3 younger sons enjoyed McRuffy lol. I know both have updated since I’ve used them, but I don’t think you could go wrong with either. Sorry if this isn’t helpful. :worried:

You’ll learn throughout your homeschooling journey what works best for you and your daughter. Erica’s blog is great to read and get good advice - I wish someone blogged/vlogged like her when I began homeschooling. I’m sure others here have some great advice and will support you all the way.

Many blessings to you! :innocent:


Thank you to both of you for the very helpful sharing of your experiences! Like 01amber said, I’m very lucky to have found a great information shared by a lot veterans, I salute to all of you! I think we will give Math U See a try this year and hope to be able to share our story later!

Thanks again!

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