Math-U-See and Standardized Test

At the moment we are using Singapore Math and so far so good. However I see a lot of families using Math-U-See. I took a look at it and it looks very good, we may switch when we are finished with our set now. My question would be this, because it sticks with one subject of math for so long in order to master the concept, how does this method relate to taking the standardized tests? We live in a state where testing is required, so we need to ensure that our kiddo is learning everything that will be on them. Does anyone have experience with the success of MUS and taking the tests?


I will be using this next year for my 5th, 2nd & kindie and was wondering the same thing. (7th grader will use Teaching Textbooks) Would love to see what people have to say on this.

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I am also curious about this girls! This is the first year that my kids have used Math U See. Previously we used Envision Math. My kids usually are on target or above average with their testing. We are taking our standardized tests in May. I personally liked Envision Math but it was stressful and occasionally tearful for the kids. This year has gone very well with Math U See. They also seem to be understanding math in a way that they haven’t in the past. (I also have learned some of the “why” of math and I can’t believe they don’t teach it this way in school!) I hope that our testing goes well!!

Hi there! Have you used teaching textbooks in the past? I am thinking about trying them out next year for my two older kids who will be in 4th and 7th grade next year. Would love to hear what you think! Thanks! :smile: Kristi

No, I have not used Teaching Textbooks before. We are just starting homeschool next fall. I had narrowed it down to Math U See and Teaching Textbooks. I knew I wanted Math U See for my younger kids to give them a strong foundation, plus I felt like it would best fit their learning styles. I let my two oldest (will be in 5th & 7th next year) choose which they preferred. My oldest did a sample lesson on Teaching Textbooks and really liked it. He is really strong in math, I’m not ;). I figured it would be a plus if he had something that would be able to help him as he progresses into harder levels. I sat with him as he did the sample lesson and it seemed really good to me…I even learned a few things I had never heard before.

Good Afternoon! I just received our testing results in the mail and my 5th grader has a score that is awesome in math. I worried all year about Math U See and our required standardized testing. Last year we were average in 2 math categories and above average in one. This year we are well above average in all categories. I just wanted to share that since we were all wondering a few months ago about this topic.