Math U See and memorization

Exploring all the ins and outs of MUS. For those of you who use MUS, how well do your children have addition/subtraction and multiplication/division facts memorized? I want our daughter to understand the whys, but i am also wanting to make sure she can do mental math if asked.

My daughter does well with rote memorization, but we also used the Skip Counting music CD. She has the + and - fairly well memorized but does best with multiplication. We haven’t gotten to division yet.

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Awesome thanks! We would be staying with either alpha or beta :slight_smile:

We are long time users and fans of MUS. Right now we own all the books from Primer to Pre-Calculus! :slight_smile: I believe that doing the mental math simply comes with practice. The right kind of practice based on your child’s learning style. I love that MUS provides online worksheets for extra practice, and there are apps and songs available (non-math u see) that I’ve found to be helpful.

I wrote a post about some of the resources that I used to help my son with multiplication. You can check it out here 5 Tips for Pulling the Reins in Your Homeschool

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