Math U See- advice

I really like what I am hearing about Math U See.
My son will be starting first grade, my question is -Do I start him in primer or alpha?
He knows his numbers, shapes, simple addition with pictures, can record and analyze data in a graph, recognizes coins, tell time to the hour and uses non standard units to measure objects.
Any advice would be helpful. :grinning:

The Math U See website should have a placement test to help you figure out which book to put him in. HTH :slight_smile:

I have looked at their placement tests, however they start in alpha and skip the primer stage- I was wondering if primer is necessary or not?

I would start in Alpha. If your son can do all those things then I think the Primer would just be a repeat and may bore him!

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I thought that may be the case- but did not want to miss a critical building block. Thank you so much!!

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Yes Primer is more of an introduction to everything. Alpha is the first ‘official’ level.

I talked to a MUS rep at a conference a few weeks ago about where to start my son. He’s 4 1/2 and knows his numbers, shapes and has some simple addition memorized. She told me to start him at Alpha. My concern was that I thought the Primer stage introduced the manipulatives, so I thought I should start there, but she said to start in Alpha. You should be fine with Alpha.

Thanks for the info. AnnaB- I was worried about the same thing concerning the manipulatives. You have all put my mind at rest- We will be starting Alpha :grinning:
Thanks again everyone!

I love Math U See, but one thing to keep in mind is that it is a mastery curriculum and not spiral. So if you plan to use standardized testing (which I completely understand that not all homeschoolers do) you may need to supplement the curriculum. Math U See is not based on grade level. If you don’t test, no big deal at all. I just thought I would share because we ran into this just recently.

We are going to start homeschooling this fall and are going to use Math U See. I called to speak with someone about which levels to purchase (three students, two of which are finishing up kindergarten at a public school, one of whom tested gifted in math, and the third will be a kindergartener) and they were very helpful! The representative talked me through everything but encouraged me to sit with each child and do the new computerized placement test. Taking the test confirmed what the rep had told me, but I felt better after having them take it. The online test is here, if anyone is interested! Hope that helps!

Mel- no worries about standardized tests here. :grinning:
The concept that this is a mastery program is what drew me in along with the hands on approach.
Thanks for sharing though.

Well I’m glad I’m not the only on struggling with this! :smile: I have been looking into using MUS for my boys who will be doing K and 1st next year. However, my 4 1/2 yo took and passed the placement test for alpha very easily and my 5 1/2 yo took the placement test for Beta and it said that he is “most likely” ready for it. My problem is, I don’t want to overload them. They are both very good at math (and enjoy math!) and I feel Alpha will be a good fit for my son going into K but worried that Beta will push my 5 1/2 yo who will be starting 1st. Should I do Alpha with both boys and then supplement my 5 1/2 yo if I see he is ready to move on? Or should I go ahead and start him out in Beta? Neither boys have used MUS before, so the manipulatives will be new to them. I’ve also thought about using Horizons math…and opinions on that curriculum? My older son is very hands on but can already do math in his head. My younger son loves workbooks and will do seat work all day if I let him! sigh decisions decisions!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :smile:

We had the same problem! We knew one child was ahead but we were a little surprised by how far ahead. We are going to get the level recommended but just take it slowly since we have not used manipulatives (or homeschooled) before. We have to buy the Primer and the Alpha levels for our two other children, so dropping our third child back from Beta to somewhere in Alpha won’t be as big a deal for us, although I know not everyone will have the previous level to go back to if needed. Knowing we had that level to fall back to if needed was a factor in us deciding to go for the recommended level, even with our doubts.