Math supplementation for Horizons or others

Hi there,

My 7 year old/2nd grader son is using Horizons math grade 1 this year. It’s our first year homeschooling and I erred on the easy side for his math because I wasn’t confident he was ready for Horizons math 2 based upon what he did last year. Anyway, it seems a little easy for him and I’m thinking of supplementing with something online. So I have a couple questions…

  1. Do you supplement your child’s math curriculum with any online math websites or apps? If so, which ones? I’m thinking of doing Kahn Academy.

  2. I’m wondering if I should possibly skip him to grade 3 next year for math and try to just catch him up over the summer with online work.

Anyone have thoughts or have a similar experience with Math, specifically Horizons? Sorry if this is all over the place! Thanks. :slightly_smiling:

I have a suggestion for #1 only! For extra online math we use Math IXL

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Ok! Is that free? My son used it at school last year.

My daughter used it in public school too! I think you can do around 25 or 30ish problems a day for free, so if you wanted it to be free it could be! Or… you can do as many as you want if you quickly delete your computer history in between problem sets… :slight_smile: