Math practice over the summer?

So your kids don’t loose their math facts they’ve memorized, what do you have them do over the summer? Do you do math drills?

@bttrflynthesky We don’t stop math (or reading) during the summer. Every few weeks, we review previous material before we keep going. We are almost done with Math-u-see Gamma and once we complete it, we will do some worksheet reviews and then begin Delta.

We don’t drill, but we do practice math. I have a variety of math games that reinforce skills we learned during the year - we try to play a couple of times a wekk. I also keep 1-2 math workbooks out on the dining room table with crayons, pencils, etc. I don’t formally schedule them in (I’m not much of a workbook person), but my kids like them, so they pick them up from time to time during meals. :slight_smile: