Math Mammoth Reviews?

Looking at Math Mammoth for next year (full Light Blue curriculum). I’m wondering if any of you have experience with it specifically for a 1st grader and a 4th grader. (Also: I realize that the author decided to align with Common Core, but I’m not looking for any Common Core debates here.:blush:). Just wondering how your kids liked it, how easy it was to teach, do you feel like it measures up to other curricula challenge-wise, etc.

We used it for grade 1 as a supplement! It reinforced concepts that my son needed to work on. It was straight forward and simple! I thought the sequence of the concepts was spot on, the pages were clean and not muddled, and most of all It did its job!!! I have numerous friends who use it as their child’s full math curriculum and they turned me onto it:) hope this helps!

What do you use as your main math curriculum? @Luvmyboys

We use BJU and LOVE it!!

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We currently use it along with Beast Academy and really like MM. It does a great job of explaining the concepts with lots of practice. Some do not like it because the pages are cluttered with lots of problems, but I just assign a certain amount of problems each day. It’s easy to use and easy to progress a child through at their own pace. I love that I can print what I want. For us it is a supplement for extra practice since my DS is advanced and needs more challenge (hence the BA), but it would work nicely as a stand alone curriculum. I do plan on doing this for my younger two unless they need something more advanced. My DS has used 2 - 4 grade MM and has done well. He has even been able to “teach” himself by looking at the examples provided.

Before you invest in it, I would try the samples from the website with your child. It is a good program and many use it successfully. Unfortunately, I bought it and it was too visually overwhelming to my child. There was too much on a page at once for her and she had a hard time just looking at a picture for demonstration of the concepts and understanding them well. She needed a different curriculum with plenty of white space on the page and that started with hands on manipulatives and then straight to the equations without pictures demonstrating what one would do with the manipulatives.

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I had the same experience @Bookworm I tried it for fifth grade but we did not use it long. We too thought that the pages were overwhelming and very crowded. I also had to agree with my daughter that the explanations on the pages were hard to understand… and I love math. I had to keep pulling out our old Math You See book to explain how to do things.

We used it this year for my daughter for 1st grade. She does well with it. We are just finishing the last unit up and I’m looking to buy for next year. I asked her if she wanted to keep going with Math Mammoth or try a different math program. She said she wants to stick with it, so it seems like she’s happy with it too.

Maybe you can try some of the sample pages like suggested and see if it works for your kids. We haven’t had any problems with it. I like that the examples and work are all on the same page because then we can just grab a sheet out and get going.

I used it for 6th grade. My daughter and I HATED it. It is named correctly-“Mammoth”! We jumped straight into MUS prealgebra. It was the best choice after a month of crying every night. It was advanced for sure at 6th grade.

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