Math Help RS, MUS, TT, LOF

We are finishing up with RightStart D (just turned 10 in May). He “understands” the math but when it comes down the the worksheets, he makes many errors. He has a tendency to also forget some concepts as RS takes a bit to come back around to review. I am trying to decide what to do as we are finishing up the last 2 lessons of Level D.

He is a Right-Brain, Visual Spatial learner… dyslexic. He struggled with traditional math in the early years (1st grade Complete Book of Math) and also (2nd grade Singapore 1b - I wasn’t aware there was a HIG then). RightStart helped him to “understand/see”… He has to know why/understand. I’m not quite comfortable continuing on with RS math based off his assessments/worksheets, here at the end. I feel he needs more practice applying.

We did start Teaching Textbooks 5 free trial and he is having fun with that. I am thinking/leaning towards possibly MUS or staying on with RS math and supplementing it with something like TT or Life of Fred.

Anyone been in this situation? Have suggestions/advice? Thank you!

Hi. I’m not sure if I’m going to help answer your question, but I do know what you are talking about. I also have a severely dyslexic son (12yo) who struggles tremendously in math. I started off doing RightStart math with him this year and switched mid year. He had a terrible time trying to grasp how one topic has so many different ways to find the same answer. Totally blew his mind. I also did Teaching Textbooks with him and he had fun doing math, but the teaching wasn’t deep enough for him and because TT has a spiral review every lesson, his mind couldn’t switch from one topic to another. He would get totally frustrated and angry wit TT. the one math program that I used and keep coming back to is Saxon. It is VERY slow placed and the teaching in thorough. Because of this, I can skip and jump around and teach what he needs help on and skip what I know he knows. Even though the Saxon lessons are long, I can shorten them based on this concept. I do the same thing with the worksheets. I have him complete most of the front and, again, skip what I know he knows and then flip it over and just do the problems that he is struggling with or that are new. I am planning on getting a math tutor though. He is severe enough that I feel he needs the help.

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I know this is an older post, maybe I can still help you?
It sounds like he’s got dyscalculia. I’d look into Dianne Craft materials or even better, Ronit Bird. Ronit Bird has a YouTube channel and Ebooks that are very helpful for kids with dyscalculia and Dyslexia. The former is basically dyslexia with numbers.

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