Math help - Rightstart vs Saxon

I use RS (D) w my oldest. My 2nd has struggled to understand RS A&B as 1st and 2nd grader. I made a switch to Saxon. He likes it. 20 lessons in and he really likes it. It is fairly simple. It seems to teach memorization over understanding. I’m struggling with a long-term decision. Do I go back to RS and help him work through it to get the understanding or do I continue on with Saxon and allow him to learn through memorization? My 3rd son also uses RS (A). With Saxon, my 2nd son really likes the worksheets and flashcards - I’m not sure if it is better to understand or memorize. Any thoughts?

I feel like understanding math is very helpful for math later on down the road. I’ve talked with many parents and it seems that a lot of them start off with a strong conceptual math and then go to Saxon and their kids do so much better. I honestly feel like conceptual math is hard. It tends to do super well for kids that are mathematically inclined. I do not believe that should turn you off. Maybe you should look into another conceptual math curriculum? Also, you could continue with Saxon since your son prefers it and supplement with conceptual worksheets to reinforce the understanding behind the topic you are learning.

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If he is understanding Saxon and liking it, I’d say stick with it. Don’t fix what’s not broken mama, it causes unnecessary stress.
I’d just add in a math game once or twice a week! Goto education unboxed and watch her videos, she has a ton of free info using Cuisenaire Rods. We play her games and they’re super fun. I’d also get the right start games boom (used) and play some of those! We use the right start math games book along side Singapore and really like it.

If you are looking for free stuff, google free math games, tons of stuff will come up you can use with just a deck of cards and dice!