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Math help, please


We are Rightstart users but it is not working for one of my boys. (Struggled through levels A and 3/4 of B ). He is 7-1/2. We are 7 lessons into MUS Alpha and he is so flustered. He said it is too much with his hands - build this, get another to match, write, color. With RS, it was the many different manipulatives and steps that caused so much confusion in his mind. Now with MUS it is the many steps that are frustrating him. What should I do/try? Any suggestions?


Maybe he would just like something that is plain and simple, and more straightforward. My son loves Practical Arithmetics by Strayer-Upton. Rainbow Resource sells it. It is practical and to the point. It has some fun games at times which makes it even more interesting. It doesn’t complicate any concept, only makes it simple to follow. Hope this helps


Separate tasks. Let him do the manipulatives and you write what he says to write. When he’s doing well with the concept, let him just write the remaining answers without using the manipulatives.


Hi Jenn,
You might also not make him use all of the manipulatives if he understands the concepts, or maybe make him build the problem every odd one or something to give him a break with the manipulatives. It also sounds like he might get it, and feel like the blocks are a waste of time. The goal with MUS is for him to understand what he’s doing when adding for example. If he “gets it” I wouldn’t make him build all of the problems. You can also skip the coloring and just have him tell you what color the block should be etc. First graders don’t like to write a lot and his hands just might be getting tired. I say as long as he understands the concepts, and knows the blocks well I would let him skip some of the busy work.