Math Curriculum

why are math curriculum and spelling currculum so expensive??? Ugh! I have two that I am home schooling and between the math workbook, textbook, and home instructors guided it’s over 75 dollars just for math. Add an additional 50 bucks for spelling and I haven’t even started on history and the other subjects. Ouch!

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We’re gonna be using life of fred math, and those are pretty affordable.

Buy used used used as much as possible!

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We use Strayer-upton Practical Arithmetics for math, and Climbing to Good English for LA, along with the Pathway Readers. I did not choose these because of how affordabke they are, but I am truly glad that they are indeed!
Our biggest expenses are on the other subjects…

math mammoth is very inexpensive and well regarded

I know - things are so expensive! Next year I have a pan to buy science in Sept, Math in October, History in Nov - etc etc - so I don’t experience such sticker shock! LOL :smile:

Another vote for Math Mammoth! :grin:

@sgrrrbear That’s a great plan!

Math Mammoth is awesome! Once you have decided on the curriculum you want, try searching used sites for cheaper options (like this one).

I found a lot of my math online for each grade through Easy Peasy. It is wonderful and free. Then I received School of Tomorrow books and am using them also. (Also for free)

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That you @Luvmyboys. :slight_smile:

It can be expensive, but once you have the text & instructor’s guide, you only have to get workbooks for susbequent kids–I always liked buying math for the 2nd & felt like I was saving money then, ha! Plus, it’s pretty easy to sell (or resell if you purchased used) the reusable parts for math or spelling and to recoup some of the money that way.

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We love Math Lessons for a Living Education and was paying $39.95 per book, but it is now a free download, if you haven’t seen yet! It goes up to level 5, but has been a wonderful foundation so far!

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I agree it’s an investment. I had to buy math for 3 kids this year but after next year it will be just workbooks except for my oldest. We are using Math U See.

so true @Merry :slight_smile: I had to buy 4 new curriculums this yr - and will have to next year as well… sigh! I am looking forward to when I only have to buy the oldest one an entire new curriculum - and workbooks for the younger grades, since I will have all the books already! :slight_smile:

Plus - I switched, at the last second, to go with a living history / literature approach - so now I am collecting “living books” which will be a little expensive the first couple of yrs but worth it, I think.

Libraries where I live are of no help - as I live in a very small town with an extremely small selection - plus I live almost 1/2 hr away lol :smile:

@sgrrrbear Hi Sugar! After reading your reply to Merry, I needed to respond:) I know you have been with the online school and not been happy. I know you are excited to have the freedom to start homeschooling on your own. You sound like a veteran homeschool mom though. You KNOW what your kids need, you have the confidence to switch when something isn’t working, and the foresight to know it will get easier (once you build your own personal library) as the years go by❤️

@sgrrrbear, there are great living books in Heart of Dakota ( If you need ideas, that’s a good place to look.

@Luvmyboys - Thank you so much - you are such an encouragement! :slight_smile: Thank you for having such confidence in me - it makes me feel like I can do it, and that I am making the right decisions. :smile:

@My3beauties - Thank you for the info! I have been looking up Sonlight, Tapestry of Grace, and Book Shark for all sorts of ideas - I will now add Heart of Dakota to my list! One can never have too many books I always say. :slight_smile: Thank you again!