Math Curriculum for new home school family

This fall will start our homeschooling journey and I am having a tough time making a decision about Math Curriculum, My boys (3rd and 5th grade) currently use BJU math at school. Neither seem to be challenged enough, What would you suggest for math next year?
Thanks in advance

We use math u see. I have a 1st, 3rd and 4th grader. This is our third year homeschooling but first with math u see. It is working well for all three and my youngest keeps asking when he can start his as well (he will be kindergarten in the fall). It is very hands on which is great. My older kids watch the DVD and I then review what they learned. My 1st grader watches the DVD with me and we talk about the lesson. Then they all work through the workbook pages for the lesson at their own pace.

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Welcome to homeschooling! Many companies offer free samples and placement tests on their websites. You could check those out and see what you both like/don’t like.
If you live somewhere where there will be a convention this spring or summer you could take advantage of seeing in person many different curricula and asking the vendors any questions you may have.
There is also a thread here about favorite math programs. If you use the search at the top right just type in “favorite math” and you will get several opinions on many different math programs.
At our house one likes CLE and the other likes MathUSee and Teaching Textbooks

Welcome to homeschooling! :slight_smile: Our oldest is in Kindergarten, so I can’t speak about the higher level maths, but our family is using and loving Math Lessons for a living education! It really depends on where your kids are in their skills, and also how they best learn. Curriculum is a lot of trial and error! :wink:


Thanks ladies. This journey just seems so overwhelming at times.