Master Books curriculum

Has anyone used Master Books? Any subject or grade level? I have been searching for reviews but I can’t find so much information out there.
They have several elementary science sets that look very hands-on, and the quality of the books looks amazing. My kids are interested in the Elementary Zoology and the Science Starters. I also would like to know opinions about their Math Lessons for a Living Education Series, Principles of Mathematics, and Language Arts sets.
If you have used any of those or other subjects sets I didn’t mentioned here, please let me know your opinion. What subject/grade level did you use or are using? What do you like or dislike about it? Have you used it as a stand alone curriculum or you need to supplement? Thanks for reading!

@Elizabeth we have many of their books and really enjoy them! I have not used them as a stand alone curriculum but their books are worth having for sure.
I remember reading the reviews for Elementary Zoology and it sounded great. I considered using it but decided to use something else instead and use a couple of the books in the summertime with my children. With a lot of their sets, I have found them to work best as an addition to what we are doing and not as a year long study or on their own. However that is probably just a personal preference reflective of the way we homeschool.
Any purchase you make though will be invaluable! They have a strong creationist foundational view and products that support it.


Thanks so much, @GC123! I always appreciate your inputs! I am planning to order the Elementary Apologetics set for next summer; and I am very tempted to try some of their Science sets, they look really fun. I also will have my Abeka Science books at hand, just in case! Maybe a I can do a combination of both.

I have read in other threads that you use Practical Arithmetics for math. Can I ask you what do you use for the other subjects? I’m just curious! :blush:

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@Elizabeth, I’ve just messaged you! :blush:

My kindergartner is using Math Lessons for A Living Education for next year. I have the book, and honestly, I wish I learned math like this! The book is adorable and starts on Mondays with a story to read. Each day of the week has math lessons that relate to the story. In the beginning of the book there is a lesson plan that’s already done for the year. In the back of the book is all of the manipulatives that you’ll need for the entire year that you perforate out and laminate or use as is. The series goes through grade 6. I do think that its a gentle program but if you think it needs more you can always supplement. My daughter keeps looking through her book and is very excited about it. The cover has a pig on it and she keeps calling it her “Piggy math book.” :wink: There are good sample pages on the Christian book Distributors website.

For an example, One story in the very beginning is about the little boy and girl helping their grandmother to gather eggs that she’s planning on selling. The math page for that day has your child counting eggs and writing in the number and a page where you match the written number to the egg carton with that number of eggs. I like it so much because it just makes math fun!


@GC123 Hi there! I have not used any resources from Master Books yet, but after going to their Web site, I am glad I now know about this company! Have you purchased/used the Illustrated Family Bible Stories? My 7 year old son is ready for something more than a typical, brief storybook Bible but not yet ready for a full-text Bible. This looks like a nice in-between stage and I think all of my children would enjoy it. I love the artwork, the accuracy of the stories, and the special comments around the stories themselves (from what I can see in the sample). Is there anything else from this company that you’ve found goes well with other subjects you are teaching? I have looked a bit at the God Created series of sticker/coloring books. I’d love to know if you have used these as well or if there are other resources you like from this company!

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Hi @Forchristandkids!!
I’m so glad you found Masterbooks! I am always checking out what they have and looking for material that will help us in our Bible, worldview, and other studies (along with Answers in Genesis, of course)! I’m sure you will find many wonderful resources there that you and your children will enjoy.
I had the Illustrated Family Bible Stories on my to-buy list last summer/fall but I ended up not buying it. I did check out a similar book from our library called The Children’s Illustrated Bible (I don’t know if there is a relation). This one was very informative with nice pictures as well, bringing up historical and cultural details which I was very excited about. We don’t know much of those details from that time and they are very important for our understanding of the Bible, and it looks like the Family Illustrated Bible has the same information in its pages.
If I may share my thoughts, I have a hard time with picking out Bible Story books because I don’t want a Bible storybook that would present to my children any Biblical account in a way that when they later read the Bible story for themselves from the actual Word of God they end up shocked that the story is not what they thought it was! I know children take things out of context already as it is and I also don’t want them to be confused so when I’m looking for a Bible Story Book I will only choose one that is very close to the Bible Text, not just the meaning. Of course at times I do introduce materials that are more conversational-like and bring in additional information. But you know, even then, the Bible can’t be replaced - it’s so tough!
So, I have been using Egermeier’s Bible Story Book for a long time after learning that this is an old story book that has been tried and true and which others ahead of me recommend. It really is very close to the text in the Bible and very understandable and informative as well. I am very happy with it.
Another one that has the same kind of recommendation is The Child’s Story Bible by Catherine F. Vos.
As for the sticker books, you and I have an eye for many of the same things - not news anymore, right?! I haven’t bought them yet but I think they will be fun for the children to use! My only dilemma was which ones to buy first!
Some of the resources I have purchased from that company are The Fight for Freedom (history textbook) - which is excellent!, Biblical Beginnings Toddler Set, 44 Animals of the Bible, some of the dinosaurs books including one of the Answers book for kids, God’s design for Science, Math for a Living Education, and we will be working through the Elementary Geography and Cultures this summer. We also have the Diana Waring’s History Revealed curriculum that they sell but I have not used it yet.
I have a current interest on Elementary World History - You Report!, The Case of the Missing Mountain, some of the Zoology books to use during visits to the zoo/aquarium, the Big Book Bundle, Adam’s History Chart, and Bugs Big and Small God Made them all.
In a few years I plan on selecting some of their studies such as the science sets with studies on fossils and archaeology, and applied engineering. However, that will also depend upon the interest of each of my children so we’ll see.
Another resource that has been wonderful for our family has been anything Ken Ham/Buddy Davis related. My children learn so much from them and really enjoy anything by them. We have their dinosaur DVD and it is requested a lot, especially by my 6 yo son. I imagine the Awesome Science Dvds to be something my children would enjoy as well, although not by the same people, it is a set I’m interested in and I thought I’d mention it too.
And speaking of Diana Waring, I wanted to bring up a book on homeschooling of hers named Beyond Survival. I was going to post it under another topic but I’ll mention it here, too. I found it at the library and I am almost finished reading it. I found it to be so encouraging! I have watched some of her videos on YouTube and they are very encouraging as well. Just thought I’d share!
I hope this is of some help :blossom:


Thanks so much for sharing! My daughter is begging for “that book with the dog on the cover” :grinning:. I love the idea of the manipulatives and the gentle aproach. Do you know if the book levels are equivalent to grade levels? I mean, level 2 = grade 2, for example.

Hi! Yes, I believe the levels are equivalent to grade levels. In the inside of the level one book it says, “Designed for grade 1 in a one-year course.” The pages are colorful, but not overwhelming with plenty of space for work. Such a good price too.

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