Managers of Their Homes

Does anyone use this book for scheduling? How do you like it? Did it help you?


I found this book very helpful, and used to read it about every other year when my kids were younger. I only have two children, so I never felt the level of scheduling that she does was necessary (nor that I’d be able to adhere to a strict daily schedule!). However, I got a lot of tips from the book (and the sidebar comments) and it did help me be more organized.

I appreciated her encouragement to pray through my priorities and my children’s priorities before setting up a schedule. The page on listing activities and time it takes to do them helped me to realistically assess what we could and couldn’t do. The advice to implement a new routine gradually is one I continued throughout my homeschooling, as well as the concept of a “tutoring time” with each child. For years I did come up with a daily schedule, not so I would follow it legalistically, but so that we could have a good basic routine in place for school, daily chores, and other family activities.

I loved the one sidebar comment of the woman who said they got more done when they only followed their routine until noon than they used to get done all day without a schedule! That gave me hope that even a partial routine was beneficial.

I think I may have also gotten the idea from one of the mom’s examples to have two possible schedules. That mom did it based on her husband’s work schedule. My dh is disabled, and I found that having two schedules–one for “good days” and one for “rough days” when we could only do minimal school–was a relief. I had thought through what the kids could do on those days so they didn’t get into lots of trouble or sit in front of a tv all day–very helpful.

Anyway–it was definitely a useful tool here.

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I just got the book and have been making schedules like crazy. My head feels more organized now for sure. But then…I go to bed and in the morning do not want to wake at my scheduled hour. I struggle. I struggle bad! I need more prayer. This was going to be my practice week so we can start Monday. I haven’t practiced yet. BOO. But yes, I like the book.

I think this is an amazing tool for homeschoolers! I know many like to be “flexible” and “free” and think that is the beauty of homeschooling, and to a degree I agree with that. But at the same time, our children see our examples. And if we are orderly, organized, and purposeful with our time, they will follow. We have our schedule, and we also put into action the chore packs from Managers of Their Chores. Our house runs much more smoothly when we follow this. Our school work gets done, and my house isn’t a disaster. It isn’t sparkling clean, but its neat enough. We have 4 kids, ages 1-10.

At the same time, I do stray from our schedule if a fun opportunity comes up to see friends or attend an event every once in awhile. I don’t want that ability to be taken away because I’ve become a slave to a chart. But 90-95% of the time, we stick to it. And really, if yo

I highly recommend the book!

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I have one that I’m actually selling, if anyone knows if someone needs one. I have a big family and I feel like it just doesn’t work for us, so I made my own.