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LOTW vs K4 Prep

I am so excited to use LOTW next year with my kids. I purchased it in advance knowing that I wanted to prepare it all before school starts. Prepping a letter each weekend at the last minute just won’t work for me. I have printed everything which surprisingly used less paper and ink than I thought. Now I’m laminating/putting in sheet protectors and cutting game pieces. I have finished all the extras and 10 letters. I am wondering if k4 is as much work to put together? I don’t mind the laminating and organizing part but cutting all the game pieces is giving me tendinitis. I love the curriculum in the K4 and would love to continue with it, but will it take as long to organize? I have a good system for LOTW and once donr it can be used many times so it will be worth it. Also I know I don’t have to use everything I printed but I want to have it ready. Thanks!

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I LOVE LOTW K3! It does take a lot of time to print and laminate and cut and organize. I did mine like Erica did in her videos. I did K4 also. It takes as long or longer. It is harder to organize I thought. Hindsight I would not have got the K4. I felt it was a big jump from K3. I did use it some but wouldn’t have spent the time and money to laminate and cut etc. If you are using with more than one child laminating is great BUT if just for 1 I wouldn’t. Hope this helps!

I am in the process of preparing K4 now. Its quite a bit of work, but I think it’s worth it. It’s more hands on than other programs at this level. I am using the file folder organization method Erica suggested in her recent YouTube video. I’ve used other organization systems in the past, and so far this is the best way, in my opinion.

I used the K4 program last year it was a lot of prep, but so worth it for the price!

I have LOTW and was laminating etc and realized what the heck am I doing wasting all this money when I am done having good children… he can just cut and glue things! Erica did share some laminating tips in a video on how to laminate 2 things at once to save on laminate… I have k4 and haven’t printed just yet but I don’t think it’s as much work… also instead of laminating things touch trace or write I just stick them in sheet protectors same with any games that aren’t puzzles or absolutely need cut