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Looking advice on homeschool curricula


We have been using Bookshark and The Good and the Beautiful this year (sept 2019 to Jan 2020) for LA for my 5 yr old who is on Level 1 with both programs. This is our first year homeschooling and I didn’t do school in the USA to understand what is considered good. So I am wondering if these curricula are enough for LA? I found Bookshark LA 1 to be a bit behind for my son for reading and I came across the good and the beautiful for free on their website and noticed that it has more phonics than bookshark does for level 1, which I feel is very much at my son’s level. I am also trying Blossom and Root and their year 1 looks lovely but not enough for my son as it has no grammar or punctuation for year 1( but I actually see my son excited to do school because it’s fun to read a book and then narrate it with his toys again). So now I’m doing all 3 as I see different strengths in them. My question is does anyone have experience with these curricula? How do I know that what I’m doing is "enough "? Any recommendations for curricula you have tried and loved? Thank you.

I have used Bookshark, but only levels 5-7. I love how Bookshark covers creative writing in those levels, but not enough grammar in my opinion. We supplement with Abeka for grammar.

I have no experience with the Good and the Beautiful, but I’ve heard it is an advanced curriculum. Level 1 does not equals grade 1, it is probably nearer to a second grade level. It also covers all the branches of language arts, phonics, spelling, grammar, writing, etc.

In my opinion you don’t have to worry, you are probably doing more than enough.

I don’t have experience with Bookshark but I do use the Good and the Beautiful. I don’t supplement my 2nd grader. She is in level 2. With my 6th and 7th grader. I supplement with IEW Fix it! Grammar and theme writing because I like the way they teach those subjects better. In another year or 2 I will add IEW for my youngest too.