Logic of English or All About Spelling/Reading

I had been thinking for a while about purchasing AAS but I just found out about LOE. Does anyone have a good comparison of the two (especially in regard to the spelling rules they introduce)?

We love LOE. I am not sure about the spelling rule order of introduction, compared to AAS, but LOE is very incremental thorough and uses OG phonics also.

Why I chose LOE:
Writing, reading, spelling and grammar in one book

Very fun games and very funny stories and graphics–my kiddos are excited and laughing often.

you have the option of teaching manuscript or cursive first (which we do—cursive is taught in a step by step, easy to teach and understand method,)

Great teachers manual–very reader friendly–with lots of tips, additional activities etc.

I always suggest downloading sample pages from curricula you want to compare
And trying them out. You may find that one obviously works better for you and your family.

Blessings on your decision!