Literature Studies

Has anyone used Erica’s literature units with the original version of the text? I have dd who is 2nd grade but reads at a 4th/5th grade level. She devours books and I want to study some classic literature with her but don’t want to start from scratch.
Any literature guide suggestions?

I’ve heard good things about Progeny Press guides, but I haven’t used them yet. Looking forward to seeing all the good ideas people have as I also have a 2nd grader that is an advanced reader.

Also interested in literature studies or unit studies based on literature.

My high schooler uses Progeny Press guides and we love them! Their newest versions are interactive downloads so the answers can be typed right on the computer. They also still sell the hard copies. Very godly and sound.

Have you looked at Bravewriter? The author uses the unabridged versions of several classic books.

My answer will be useless at the moment, because I don’t have the name of the guides, but upstairs in my “organized” closet, I have a bounty of literature unit guides that I used as a teacher - full of fun projects, crafts, guided reading, etc. I’ll unearth a few this evening and respond later with the name.

My units are geared towards elementary students, but I’m also using them with my 6th grader this year. The classic starts books are a little too easy for her, but you can also use my units with the regular versions. But the comprehension questions might not line up as well as you’d like. It kind of depends on the unit. My daughter still likes to do the lapbooks with them though, so she’ll continue to use them this year.

I hope that helps a little, feel free to ask me if you have a specific unit in mind. Erica

I have children older than 5th grade (and younger!) I just bought Erica’s literature unit today for *Little Women * We are going to use it with the original book. I can tell you from printing it out that it looks like its going to be a lot of fun! If your kids enjoy lap books then I would recommend this over the literary guides that you buy in the store. You can buy just one guide and see how you like it. A lot of the guides are books that you can easily rent the movie to go along with it and compare the book and movie. We plan on reading Little Women and then watching the movie.

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I am planning to use Erica’s literature units to finish out second grade for my daughter. She finished her second grade reading program early and I thought about heading to third grade now but have decided against it. She loves lapbooks right now and I think these will be a good fit for her.

Now I just need to choose her books!

I just found some books called Inside Stories by Janice Montgomery that look promising. Google books has some good sample pages.