Letter of the Week

We are currently using LOTW for my 4 year old. We will have 4 weeks left of school with my other child when we complete the curriculum. Any ideas for the rest of the year so my 4 year old doesn’t get bored?

Review the letters. When my kids were little I had them make a letter book. For each letter they cut out pictures from magazines, flyers, and the internet of things that started with that letter. A: apples, alligator, accordion etc.
With four weeks left you could do a letter or two a day.
I still have their letter books.

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Thanks for the idea! I was thinking of doing that.

I would add in some of my review games to keep their knowledge fresh and fun!

Just to clarify, all of these review activities are extra from the LOTW curriculum, right? Not included in the curriculum download?

Yes, they’re actually part of the k4 kindergarten, but they’re free for download on my blog on that page. They aren’t in your LOTW if you purchased it. Hope that makes sense :smile:

I am currently going through the Letter of the Week Curriculum with my 3 1/2 year old. My plan is to continue on with Erica’s K4 curriculum as well. My question is if my son isn’t completely remembering all of the letters we have covered so far so do you recommend I keep going back over those weeks until he gets them or just continue on through the rest of the alphabet. We do review all letters we have learned daily but he needs help with several of them. He is only 3 so I don’t feel that I need to push him hard at this point, just wanted to get a recommendation. Thank you!