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Letter of the Week or?

Hi! I’ve been absent for a while from here doing different things like sending my oldest off to University!

My question is what age is LOTW geared to? My youngest guy will turn 3 in about 3 weeks. He is expressive speech delayed and left handed. I feel he isn’t getting enough fine motor skill practice as I have zero idea how to teach a lefty to write. If LOTW is still too much for him now, y’all have any other ides?

Not LOTW related, but I have a little lefty too. I was kind of thinking if I sit across from her and use my right hand she will naturally copy me with her left, because kids don’t get the mirror flipping thing anyway. Every time one of my kids has something on their face, I am reminded of this when I point to where it is on the same side of my body lol.

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Anyone know the answer to my query?

My youngest is 3. We’re doing LOTW, but sometimes it takes more than one week to complete a letter. He has a very short attention span and sometimes he is very excited to learn and other days he refuses. I don’t make him do it if it’s going to be a fight because I want him to view learning as fun. Those days I print out a big blank letter and let him paint it. He’s still seeing the letter but is having fun also. Try it and see if he’s ready. Every kid is different too.

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