Lesson Order in Road Trip

Has anyone done Road Trip and not followed the order for the states? We have a cross-country move in October and I wanted to cover the states we would be driving through first but they fall in the back of the Road Trip. Would I really be throwing things off by doing this?

It’s been a couple of years since we did road trip but i don’t think it will throw things off, if I remember correctly. Others might have a different opinion but I think it would be fine.

Good luck with your move!

I pulled out the states that we were driving through on our summer vacation and gave the kids the coloring state facts page and read them information from the unit about the state. The units stood alone just fine. We will still cover them in school as we weren’t in depth, but the kids loved learning about the states we drove through and the coloring pages made great surprises for them to receive throughout the journey.

I also found paper bag puppet patterns of state animals for them to make to supplement which were very popular. I took colored pencils, crayons melt in hot vehicles. I handed out glue sticks, scissors and paper bags just for the puppets.

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It’s won’t mess it up at all.