Learning through music

Does anyone know some good circle time music?? My daughter is learning a lot of things through songs in her Kinder class (colors, spelling, math facts, days of the week, etc.), I want to keep that going once I pull her out of school. I could just ask her teacher but would like to hear from the Homeschool family too :slight_smile:

@HSintheCity We are going to start using some of John Feierabend’s resources next year with my current K and 2nd grader. He has created some wonderful resources for his First Steps in Music program (which in its entirety is pricey, but the individual resources are very reasonable). His resources are centered on helping kids (Preschool through Elementary) become tuneful, artful, and beatful, which I love. He starts with resources as young as toddlers. His teaching is mostly through folk music (songs with a story which are so fun for kids) but also incorporates some classical songs by teaching kids to listen for types of rhythms and to move their bodies in lots of fun ways to those various beats. You can find out more about his ideas on music education for kids here. And here is a great page listing his individual books (which run around $10 on Amazon each) and his individual CDs which I think are going to be really helpful when teaching from the books. Another great resource he has put out are his Move It DVDs which are classical song clips with dances led by one teacher showing kids how to move to the classical beats as the songs play. You can find that here. And finally, he teaches at a university, and has had many of the folk songs illustrated by art students at the university and published as picture books for kids to read with links to the MP3s of the folk song to listen to at the end of the book, so you can find a list of those as well here. Our library didn’t have these books yet, but I asked about them at the Youth Services desk, and they ordered 3 of them right away! :slight_smile:

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