Learning Apps to help learn concepts

Hi I have seen on other posts that some of you use apps to help with learning. I am wondering what are your favorites. I have my curriculum but now I am trying to figure out which apps are best to help reinforce the concepts.

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@ALR We use a Wordly Wise app to help reinforce vocabulary. We also have News-o-Matic, which is a kid-friendly news app that shares current events in a gentle way. The stories and games are interesting, but not too intense. We also use Brain Pop (and Brain Pop Jr) which has lesson videos to reinforce topics we are discussing (history, science, etc).

In addition, we use Google Earth while we are doing geography. We have maps and atlases and a globe, but it’s nice seeing the “real” earth too. It build perspective.

Many people rave about the Math-u-See app. As much as I love the program, I refuse to pay nearly $15 for an app that really is just not worth that much. There are other free math games we can use on the iPad.

We will be starting a Lego class in our co-op in a few weeks, so I have downloaded the software for that which looks awesome.

I’m open to new suggestions so I look forward to reading what everyone else is using.