Last minute... Need advice on Language Arts for 8th grade

In the past, my triplets have done the readers from Sonlight per grade level.
While they have been great, my kids have grown bored with most of the books.
They are avid readers so that’s not a problem. It’s the books. :-/
The problem is that I am not a great planner so I need something that already has the lesson plans scheduled and ready to go.
I have been using BJU for science and social studies and I like the structure of those two curriculums.
Any advice is appreciated.

I’m using Lightning Literature by Hewitt this year for my eighth grader. The kit is a little spendy but if you are close to a library you can always just check out the books you need. Also the seventh grade didn’t need done in any specific order so if can’t get ahold of a book you can always skip that chapter until the book is available.

I was going to suggest Hewitt Lit and Comp as well. But I also saw this year Essentials in Literature and it looks pretty great as well. There’s an instructor and I’ve heard they give great support for grading and whatnot.

Hope this helps.

If your kids are in 8th grade and avid readers, I would suggest that they don’t need a literature program. I would just let them select books that they enjoy reading and keep tract of them for the school/ quarterlies. I might also have some “required readings” for them. I would go on line to Progeny Press or Center for Lit and select a couple of the books that they recommend for middle school and “require” your kids to read a couple of them.

Hi, for 8th grade we’re using a combination of IEW Fix It! Grammar and the IEW Themed based writing units. The two combine nicely and cover everything they need plus literature. Though sometimes we do our own literature units. I have suggested literature by grade level here:

And here’s a link to the IEW website. If you click ‘shop’ then on the right side you’ll see a pathway link that shows you a good place to start for your grade level.

Hope that helps you get started!