Language arts suggestions

I’m looking for suggestions for 3rd grade language arts. Right now our piece together method isn’t enough and I would love to hear about some success stories

We love Language Lesson for Today, it has a very Charlotte Mason-ish flair. In the past we have used Christian Light for Language Arts. It is good, and rigorous, but very “school”-like.

There are so many good options.

I have also heard amazing things about The Good and the Beautiful. It’s LA is all inclusive of all LA parts. The author is a mormon, but says that her beliefs do not make an appearance in the curriculum.

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We started using the Good and the Beautiful this year (like literally in 2018…not this whole school year!) So we have not been using it long, but we are really really enjoying it! My kids like the activities and the variety in the work. We are using the K primer for my son, and Level K for my daughter. There are a fair amount of games built in so if you have hands on kids they would probably do well with it. Not to mention for as thorough of a program as it seems to be it is still very reasonably priced!! My daughter is also, very motivated by the coloring rewards!! She is not always my first one to jump into coloring projects, but she is always asking me if she can read her words so she can color the next part of her page! I have been loving the LA so much this year that next year I for sure want to add the Handwriting and maybe even some of their science!

Hi. We are using this for 2nd grade and it is working well for us. Next year we plan to do the following. I hope this is helpful.

3rd Grade
Phonics/Reading: All About Reading (We will complete Level 3 this year so it’ll be Level 4 next year, they have a placement test online that’s very helpful to determine appropriate level to start with)
Spelling: All About Spelling (Level 3, they recommend everyone start with Level 1, we did this and Level 2 this year)
Grammar: Growing With Grammar (Level 3)
Writing: Learning Without Tears (Building Writers Level D) and also Handwriting Without Tears (Cursive Writing Handbook)
Literature & Comprehension: Memoria Press Literature and Poetry Collection (Level 3)
Keyboarding: Keyboarding Without Tears (Grade 3)

If you want simple, open and go, thorough and challenging, Christian content, I would suggest The Good and the Beautiful, also.

Best to you!

PS and you can download it for free, print part of it and see if it’s your cup of tea…