LA after Sing Spell Read Write 1

Help! My daughter is set to finish Sing Spell Read Write Level 1, and I don’t know what to do next! We have loved level one and she has become quite a good reader, but level two is expensive and I have gotten some mixed reviews. Anyone use level 2? If not, what did you switch to?

@SandyALE I was just looking at this set last night! How did you feel it covered phonics like vowel blends, bossy R, digraphs, etc…I can tell from the samples online how the phonics rules are introduced. Are the rules stated followed by practice in the workbook then a story to read? I’d appreciate ANY detail you can give me:)

W haven’t gotten to r-controlled words, but vowel blends have not been a problem. They introduce everything with a song and game, which my daughter loves. Then each blend, diagraph, etc has its own section with workbook work and readers concentrating on it, but not in a weird way, ie the stories still make sense. I do change something’s, for example, they have these long word lists that they want your child to master before reading the stories… We just do the word lists (writing and discussing the rule it is using) and then move on to the reader. My daughter can read the words in the stories way better than on the lists, context helps! I hope this helps you… Buy used, I got mine for half the price on ebay, and for both k and 1 the first workbook suggested is all letter review (we skipped them with no problem).

Will you be selling your grade 1?

Unfortunately no… I have two more little ones :slight_smile:

Luvmyboys…Are you still looking for Sing, Spell Read and Write K/1? I used the curriculum and have most of it still. I know the SSR&W is not a complete set, but you could make a complete set. We lost the posters(??$, but probably under $15) and one of the reader books #2 ($4 used Amazon) and you would have to get new consumable workbooks ($25 Rainbow Resources). So maybe $45 extra for a complete set. Honestly we didn’t like the posters and didn’t use them anyway. I could email you a list and pictures of what I have.