Kindergarten Curriculum

Has anyone tried “kindergarten complete” curriculum. It has a panda on it. It is suppose to have everything for kindergarten in it. I want to try it BUT would love to hear from someone who has! TIA

I don’t have personal experience with KC, but I looked it up and found Cathy Duffy’s full review. I typically use her reviews as a guide for selecting curriculum. Hope it helps!

Thanks! I have read it. I was hoping to hear from somone who had used it. Thanks for looking up the link.:slight_smile:

I have tried it. I actually won it in one of those giveaways. I used it for my son when he was 4 turning 5. His birthday is in November so he was 5 for most of it. While it says Kindergarten I found it was too easy for him especially at the start. He knew his colors and shapes, most of the sight words, and how to add 1+1. There are a lot of book suggestions and the overachiever I am got as many as I could from the library and inter library loan. While it was a pain to get that many books, at least 15, at a time I think all that reading to him made him a great reader that he is now. He’s 6 now and in Kindergarten. I liked how everything was there in 2 binders and my son always said he wanted to start with “Panda” first. I have it packed away so can’t readily flip through it to trigger my memory, but I will say it was too easy for my guy even starting it a year before he was to start Kindergarten. I should have started it when he was 3 going on 4.

Thanks Anna! Super helpful. I have 4 children. I would love to find a thorough, good ,open and go kindergarten curriculum. I don’t want super easy BUT my soon to be 5 yr. old has a severe phonological speech disorder and he is small and immature for his age. I may just go with CLE kindergarten and hooked on phonics kindergarten and MUS Primer.
I HATE teaching reading! My 1st grader is behind and stuggling more than he should reading. My 11 yr. old son is special needs and stuggles with SEVERE dyslexia too. I see some dyslexic tendancies with my 6 yr.old. My daughter went to ps and learned to read there. I feel like a failure at teaching reading. I want to get off to good start in kindergarten. Thanks!

Hi Jeanna,
I have used it and I really liked it. A couple things I really loved about it was every week has a theme associated with it and as long as you line up your school weeks accordingly you will learn about the fall season during the fall, MLK Jr Day, Thanksgiving, Xmas, etc. all at the right time of year. It also ties in taking weeks off during holiday seasons. :slight_smile: Super helpful. Now to the more learning end of it, it seriously does have everything you need except for the books that it recommends per week and common household items or craft supplies. I tried hard to get the recommended book per week but my library did not have most of them :frowning: (It’s a pretty small library) The books recommended have to do with the topic you are learning about and some of the time the work itself has questions directed specifically to “that book.” When I couldn’t get the book I would just pick one my library did have and ask questions about that one… or I would just skip it lol. Honestly, it does not wreck the whole program if you skip out on a bunch of the books that are recommended. I did it with my daughter when she was 5 years old (bday in June so she was 5 the whole year). It does teach 1 letter every other day, then moves to some phonetic words and adds in some sight words like “the” (honestly can’t remember others…) As I’m sure you’ve read in their site and reviews, it covers all subjects and really does it well. Even down to some music and exercise stuff. For my 5 year old daughter it worked really well. She was slow to learning to read, the review of each letter for her was good and it really wasn’t until this year of 1st grade (6 years old) that I feel it actually started to “click” with her better. I would certainly recommend it. For me, it took the burden of planning everything to just focusing on trying to help my kid learn, ya know? If you are looking for a good phonics/reading program I would totally recommend All About Reading. I am in the process of Level 1 with my above said daughter (6) and I looooove it! It helps me teach her. It takes phonetic teaching step by step and very logical instead of throwing in a bunch of rules from the start that a 6 year old will have a hard time grasping. I really feel like my daughter has had success through how this program goes about teaching phonics and reading… It makes me a better teacher too. Also has adorable readers/stories that are really cute and fun to read. The 1st “level” is Pre-Reading and then moves to Level 1 through 4.
I wish you the best of luck!!!

Thanks! That makes me want to reconsider it. All About Reading is GREAT! I have used levels 1-4 with another one of my children (special needs). My 4 yr.old soon to be 5 in March is behind typical.I want thorough but not too advanced on the reading end. Just a well rounded education that is open and go. I may look to see if books can be bought at I rather do that instead of library. I live in rural area with small library too. Super big thanks for the info!

Hearing what you are looking for I would really recommend it. If you do get it I hope you and your son enjoy it and makes it all a bit easier!
P.S. I love!

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I prefer my K4/5 Kindergarten curriculum, but haven’t tried Kindergarten Complete. I would say for any K program you’ll want to make sure they cover the basics at a minimum. So they need to come out of Kindergarten knowing their letters (identification and sounds) well, along with some beginning reading skills. They also need to know numbers, recognition as well as basic concepts like addition, subtraction, colors, shapes, and logic type skills. You’ll also want to make sure they do some fun creative things as well like art, music, movement, etc.

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