Keeping Track of Homeschool Resources

I tend to collect things way before I need them.

Books I find on garage sale, freebies I download online for things we aren’t studying yet…but will be, links to YouTube videos for later, etc.

But I don’t PLAN that far ahead…I don’t have a plan for 3 years out but I have STUFF I won’t be using for several years. Most I don’t know exactly when I’ll use…just know I’ll be using it eventually.

I would love to come up with a good suggestion for organizing this stuff (physical, digital downloads saved on my computer, and links)…maybe based on topic. Some sort of a “resource” planner where when I get to our next homeschooling step I can easily scan it and find what I have on that topic.

Wondering what others do to organize resources.


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I have a plan in place for the next 6 years. (Yes, I know…but OCD has its benefits). I keep track using an Excel spreadsheet. I do it based on grade/subject. I list item type (book, CD, website, etc) and where to locate it (shelf, box - labeled, link, etc). So when I am planning for 2 years from now to do medieval times, I can pull up the spreadsheet and see what I have and where to find it.


For online stuff I use (free) it really easy to set up. You could make folders by subjects or grades. Ie I have math folders, reading game fine, spelling etc. All worth links to different sites.

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I made an excel spreadsheet with the following categories: Subject, grade range, title, publisher, notes. In the notes section I note when we used it (or plan to use it) and any notes that I need to remember. I am in the process of creating school years of 170 daily plans for the resources that I either already own, can get from the library, or will purchase. My son is a rising 3rd grader - I have finished 3rd and 4th and have loose plans for 1st and second for the child we are expecting. Yup. I’m crazy. :grin: but it helps me remember what we have and utilize it! It also saves us a ton of money because I find most resources free or very inexpensive!


These are great idea. I’m liking the spreadsheet idea. I’m wondering…can an excel spreadsheet (or, in my case Open Office Calc) link to files on your computer? Cause a lot of the items I have are printables I’ve downloaded, and that would be very handy.

I believe you can but I do not know the details to tell you how. I would just add a note to mg “notes” category with the name of the folder it is saved in. I save them bg year if i plan to use them for a certain grade.

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If I post the link on the Excel sheet, and click on the link, it will go to the website.

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I have an excel spreadsheet for each grade. I listed out materials that I think I will want and the list price (so if I come across it used, I have an idea of what a good deal is). If I buy/find something I put it on the list as well along with the price I paid (I don’t know why I keep records of purchase price, but I do). If I find something in a book at the library or online, I will print or copy it and place it in a binder (I have one binder with dividers by grade).


I have a Resources on Hand list by grade (we use Heart of Dakota) and then a list by type (I.e. ebooks, PRIntables, books, DVDs, etc). I keep a copy of these in my planner.