"Jump In" writing Curriculum & Spelling question

(1) Has anyone tried the Jump In writing program for a middle schooler? I’m considering it for next year. The samples I’ve looked at online are so brief I was just wondering if anyone has tried it and would recommend it. If not, do you have any recommendations for a writing program that would be interesting an engaging?

(2) At what grade do you stop teaching spelling as a specific course? My middle school child is an average to above average speller, (but of course we could always learn more.) I just wonder if it is necessary to continue on with a formal spelling program in middle school?

I don’t know if they still do, but Apologia used to have an extensive sample on their site (it was like an entire chapter–it was pretty long).

I tried it for my son in 7th, but he needed more remedial help. Do know that sometimes there are heavier/meaty topics like abortion to write about.

With regard to spelling–if your student is spelling well, you could focus on spelling within the student’s writing. We used All About Spelling, so my kids were “done” when they had finished all 7 levels, and we worked on spelling in their writing after that. HTH some!

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I don’t have any advice on Jump In but my sixth grader doesn’t do formal spelling anymore. She finished All About Spelling in 4th grade, used an upper level Spelling Workout workbook in 5th grade, and this year I just didn’t require it. She is a great speller so I didn’t feel she needed anything more than correcting something she spells incorrectly in one of her other subjects. My older son will finish All About Spelling in 5th grade, however, I will probably have him complete a year or two more of Spelling Workout workbooks after that. He’s also a pretty good speller. My younger son probably won’t finish All About Spelling until 6th grade and since he’s my weakest in spelling, I will continue formal curriculum with him for a couple of years after that just to cement everything in his mind. All that to say, I think it just depends on your child and your goals for that child.