Is Spielgaben worth the money?

I am saving up to purchase the complete set of Spielgaben 4.0. I’d love to hear from those who have used it. It looks fantastic…is it? It is on sale now for $450. Is it worth it? Thanks for any input!

I wish I could say a solid yes to this, but I think it depends on whether you will actually use it. For us, it’s more like a toy. A very cool toy, yes. But a very expensive one, too.
Maybe if I had better ideas for using everything that is in those boxes I could justify purchasing it, but we hardly do school stuff with it. Maybe it’s just meant to be a toy that allows children to use their own imagination, and that’s attractive to me, which is why I don’t regret buying it. So, I would say to continue doing your research! Sorry I cannot be of better help :frowning: What do others think about Spielgaben? I’m curious!

I agree. It depends on how you will use it. If you use the math and play guides with it than it can be really useful (which when I ordered I had to email them and ask them for a link to download the files after the box arrived) If you are just using it for free play and no guidance then I would just buy similar items separately for less. The play guides and math guides and other files it comes with are what sets it apart from just buying the toys individually. My girls love it, but I have been bad at pulling out the guides and other items I printed from the download for them. I am hoping to do that this summer.

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@debp74 I didn’t want to discourage you, if I did. I actually liked the idea Spielgaben has behind its product so much that I have it myself for my children, and I do not regret buying it. I did some research when I first bought it to see how others were using it, and why they thought it was great, but I couldn’t find much to better inform myself. However, it seems like the Montessori principles fit in great with this product’s intentions, and here is an article by Spielgaben you might find worth reading: 8 Basic Montessori Principles to follow at Home. Plus check out these posts on:
And here’s another nice post about how to implement it on a given day with your child that I enjoyed reading: I hope this helps! :smile: