Is K4 Enough for Kindergartener?

So my little guy is finishing Pre-K “behind” in public school this year. He doesn’t know all his letters and sounds. We are HSing our kids next year. I bought K4 and plan on doing that with him but is that enough? He technically should be in K next year. He is young for his grade, a boy and the baby of the family so I know that’s why he’s not quite where he should be. I just don’t want him to get MORE behind by not doing enough with him. Thanks!

@Lindsay My fellow hs mom, I’d love to encourage you to change your thinking. I also felt my youngest son (when he was 5) was “behind”. I have been HSing for 13 years and have felt this way a few times. I stressed, worried, had anxiety, felt judged, and pushed my son to much. Who says our children are “behind”? The schools? Family? Friends? Society? At 4-5 years old, how can they be behind:) You’re about to take on the education of your son, and that needs to be applauded! Once your HSing is underway, you will see where his strengths and weaknesses are. You will be ble to encourage him, to make learning fun, and to guide him:) I bet you will see over the next year, under your HS, he will be “caught up”:wink: :heart:


The beauty of homeschool is that there is not a “behind.” There is only where your child is. If K4 seems like a good fit, then do that. Call him whatever “grade” his age would match in school.
I would keep an eye out for dyslexia or other learning disability markers, because that means you will need to work more consistently with targeted methods for whatever is going on.
However, it is really normal for kids to not take off with reading until 6-7.
K4 is not really on the level of a “normal” kindergarten program, but do it until he learns his letters and numbers and then starts to blend his sounds. There is no rule that you have to follow it from September through May.
I would have my eye on a program to use when your kiddo learns all the skills in K4, move into it in January or a year from now, whatever works for your family.


Thank you for the encouragement! I really am not worried about it. I am so thankful we decided to do this because he would really struggle in a traditional kindergarten setting. I just don’t want to not give him enough opportunities. I am going to start K4 over the summer and see where we are in the fall :slight_smile: