Is it worth taking Spanish classes online?

I don’t speak any second languages fluently, so teaching my kids a second language as homeschoolers has been difficult. It’s hard to find local teachers so I’ve been looking at online teachers. Do you think it’s worth taking Spanish classes online for my grade 4 student?

I prefer my kids do online classes so they can be taught by someone who speaks the language! :slight_smile:

Aaah good point! Finding a fluent or native Spanish speaker is more important than whether it’s online or in person.

I think so! My husband and I both speak Spanish at an intermediate level, but my brain is overloaded so I’m happy to leave the lessons to a native speaker who already has lesson plans. We love this program, and know other families who have also been happy with it!

That’s the program that I’ve been looking at so good to hear that other homeschoolers are having success with it, even if you speak some Spanish yourself. :slight_smile: