Is IEW as time consuming as it looks?

I just ordered and received IEW level A. I looked through it and it looks like it would be time consuming for me to implement with my 2 4th graders next yr. this wouldn’t be a problem except I will have kindergartner learning to read, an almost 3 yr old learning to behave and an almost 1 yr old learning all kinds of things. I am thinking about shelving it til 5th grade when my youngest children will be slightly more independent. I already have BJU English and I think I will just use the writing portion of that. Any thoughts?

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Hahaha - I can’t possibly answer your question because I have no experience with IEW, but I LOVE this line you typed: “this wouldn’t be a problem except I will have kindergartner learning to read, an almost 3 yr old learning to behave and an almost 1 yr old learning all kinds of things.” - so funny (and another inspiring mom!) - brightened my evening :smile:


Lol! I am a curriculum collector. I love so much of what I see but actually implementing it when I am holding a fat, squishy baby on my hip and trying to get my 2 yr old to quit using the glue stick as lipstick is another story!! I am sure other of you sweet mamas can relate!!


No good answers here, either. But I’ve been wandering something similar. I’d settled on BJU English for my 3rd and 5th graders, but I’ve been trying to decide whether to add IEW, or stick with the BJU writing portion for a year and see how it goes. I’ve also considered CTGE +/- IEW. I have a love/hate relationship with choosing curriculum. :grin:

I have used IEW for many years and it really isn’t that time consuming…if you understand it. The TWSS (Teaching Writing Structure with Style) is the program that teaches the parent how to teach writing. If you have gone through this program then it is very easy to teach your child. Actually, Andrew Pudewa does most of the teaching in the DVD for each lesson. My older son was pretty much doing it by himself by the time he was in Level B. I was just there to check his work and offer suggestions. But, I had gone through the TWSS.

My younger son is doing Level A now. I don’t feel like it is that time consuming. To start the lesson, we watch the DVD together and I go over the lesson with him. Each day he is just doing a little writing for a finished paper at the end of the week. I do allow my son to dictate his story to me and I type it on the computer so that he doesn’t have to keep re-writing every day. He is learning how to type it himself and make edits himself also. He is 5th grade.


I haven’t actually used it either but after MUCH research I decided to go win BJU for my 3rd and 5th graders next year. This will be our first year HSing and I was really worried about overwhelming all of us. I think BJU is a solid program and will help us get in a good routine and give me a good idea of where my kids are in grammar/writing. The plan is to jump into IEW next year! Good luck!


I agree on this. It is very time consuming for the parent to figure out the program. Once that is done it should go smoothly. I follow a Charlotte Mason approach to writing and personally wouldn’t start this program until 6th grade or higher. That is what we are doing.


I am definitely shelving it for a later year! I can’t imagine trying to do anything that I will need to learn first right now!! Thanks so much!

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