Institute for Excellence in Handwriting Cost

Ok I am still struggling with a grammar curriculum. This one looks good but is it truly $200-$300 for what I need? That’s a hard pill to swallow especially since this will be our first year. Thanks!

I am planning on buying this. Don’t know when you will be buying yours but I am going to a conference in May and will be asking them this same question. If I find out before you do I will let you know! :slight_smile:

BTW what grade are you looking at?

I have a 3rd and 5th grader next year so whatever level that would be.

Ok this is perfect pretty much the age range I am looking at. As I said before if I find out before you do I will update :slight_smile:

@Lindsay & @Proverbs31, Hi my name is Tiffany, mother to 7 & fan of IEW :smile: If you would like to spend a little less, you might consider investing in the student dvds (level A) see link here and then learn the content with your student by watching the DVDs too. Level A is for students in grade 3-5.


Ok thanks! I am hoping they will be at the homeschool convention I go to in May and I can figure this out better :slight_smile:

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IEW is an excellent curriculum for teaching your child how to write. My boys had drastic changes in their writing once they started using IEW. (for the better :smile:)

The big cost is in the TWSS portion of it. Teaching Writing with Structure and Style. That is actually what is used to teach the parent how to use the program. That is a one time purchase. I highly recommend using that.

You could use just Level A or B for your children but doing it without going through the TWSS program would not be beneficial. The TWSS is actually a seminar, you watch videos and have assignments as the teacher/parent. Once you go through the TWSS portion you will feel competent in teaching your child how to write using IEW. I know for myself that once I understood the writing process, I felt equipped to teach it to my boys.

I would definitely recommend seeing it in person at your local convention. I go into the IEW booth every year at my convention and I always find the people working there very knowledgeable and helpful.


Do you do a separate grammar curriculum. This is where I am struggling. Trying to find a good mix with writing and grammar.

Yes, I do use separate grammar. I am using Rod and Staff this year. It is going well and we both like it but I continue to be drawn to Shurley Grammar. I may give that a try for next year. (I will need to look at it in person at my homeschool convention before I make that decision).