I'm new, and unsure

I just pulled my son out of kindergarten this week. I was tinkering with the idea of homeschool, and just took the leap. I’m so afraid I’m going to miss something when teaching him. Any help would greatly be appreciated!

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Good for you! Please don’t worry about missing something when you are teaching.
Your son will learn just fine at a comfortable pace which you can set. My boys were, and even now, sometimes are not ready for specific things when the “public school” calendar says they should be and way ahead on other areas. We just work where they are at in any given subject and keep making progress.
Some curriculum links for you to take time and enjoy looking through: https://www.milestonebooks.com/list/Rod_and_Staff_Kindergarten/
To help you sort through the forms that sometimes come with homeschooling:
Enjoy this time of learning together and have fun!
It is so much fun to see the understanding “light bulb” come on . . . . :relaxed:
Also, I am in Wyoming and wondering if you are nearby?


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Hey there! Welcome and please feel encouraged! I remember when we started how unsure I felt and how I wished someone would please just hand me a “how-to guide” so I would be sure I would get it right and not miss anything important. Everyone kept telling me (including everything I read on the Internet) that my child would learn and would get everything she needed, but I just couldn’t believe it would actually happen. Well, it did! I learned to trust in quality curriculum, but even when that wasn’t available for some subjects, there are great resources online that are reputable and will be of great help to you. Please feel free to ask on here or message any one of us if you are looking for anything in particular or wondering how useful a particular site is.

We are starting into our fourth year and still feel new in this journey, but those moments when I’ve been teaching my child (and now two children) and have looked into their eyes and noticed that they really are just guessing at an answer (and these have been few and far between because we move at their pace)–those moments have been priceless for me because it is in those moments when I’ve realized that in a larger school setting, they would have been passed over most likely because if they had “guessed” at the right answer, their teacher would have assumed they understood the concept being taught. That glazed-over look in their eyes would likely have gone unnoticed in a room of 20+ children. But I am able to see it, recognize it, and can back up and explain and take the time to work through the problem so that they have an opportunity to master a concept before going on. That is just one of the amazing gifts of homeschooling. And there are so many.

And oh you will have some difficult days, but please know you can find encouragement here if you need it! Here is a Web site I found helpful for listing subjects by grade level for what is typically taught (skill-level wise). This is the link to the Kindergarten page: http://www.worldbook.com/free-educational-resources/typical-course-of-study/kindergarten
Some of it is too detailed and overwhelming, but I hope the basics of it will be helpful.

I also often go to my state’s board of education Web site (the .gov site) and there it lists what is taught in each grade and in each subject. I know there is a lot of controversy about this as many don’t follow what the public schools are teaching. We don’t either, but I do find it helpful for knowing what basic skills a child in my child’s grade level in our state is being taught currently. So that’s another idea for you if you haven’t already gone there.

I have also found Ambleside Online helpful. While I am not a full fledged Charlotte Mason-style homeschooler (yet :slight_smile: ) I do love their book lists per grade level as well as their curriculum list for all other subjects (we have used their history and geography chapter book readings as read alouds). Year 0 is for Kindergarten and they do not have curriculum for this year spefically online, but they do for the following year (starting in 1st grade or Year 1) so it may be something to look at for next year. They do have a booklist for Kindergarten with picture books they suggest making sure you start off with for your child in Kindergarten though and that can be found here: http://amblesideonline.org/00bks.shtml (and the other years are also found on this page along the left column).

Okay, I think I have overloaded enough information here! Can you tell I get excited about a new homeschool journey! :slight_smile: We have loved our experience so much and I just hope you know it is going to be okay! Please feel free to send me a message if you have any questions. Praying for strength and wisdom and peace for you this week.


Thank you! You gave me a lot of good information, and encouraging words! Tomorrow we start and I’m very excited! I’m in South Carolina wish I was closer you sound like a great asset to have!

Thank you!!! I’m glad you added the everyone told you they would learn! That’s what everyone is telling me, and I am like not if I miss some critical piece! Lol

You gave me such good information, I can’t thank you enough! Tomorrow is the day we start, and I couldn’t be more excited!!!

Enjoy your first day tomorrow. Hope you can get a picture or two. I totally forgot first day of school pictures - so we have second day pictures in the boys’ “Save Boxes” which, now 4 years into this adventure, they love to look at.


Just a note - hoping you enjoyed your week and had lots of fun together!

I’m loving it! It’s the best descsion I made! He’s enjoying it so much that he asked if we could do it Saturday too! I love the time we spend learning, and he’s really opened up. No matter where we are he’s got this hungry to learn things!


Hi Fadams,

I taught Kindergarten for many years. Here are some resources that I’ve put together over that time. A labor of love for parents who are homeschooling, as well as teachers. https://www.pinterest.com/misskinders/. Under Literacy Centers, there is a pin called “Free Lessons for ALL K-5 CC Foundational Skills.” That will be your new best friend! Also, there’s a free Halloween Literacy Center here: https://www.facebook.com/MissKinders. Hope this helps! :smile:

Following you and it helped greatly!

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