I'm new and lost

OK, so we are moving toward homeschooling our son. He is currently in 2nd grade(private school) and is 7 years old. He went to public school for K and 1st. My husband is in the Navy and we move a lot so we have decided to try homeschooling to ease the transitions. I’ve read through this entire site and I love it! but I’m still kind of lost on where to start with curriculum. I used the 3rd grade schedule as a starting point but I guess my biggest concern is keeping the cost low; especially until we figure out what works best for our family. Another concern is that we are not religious so I’m trying to stay away from any religion based curriculum. My son likes hands on learning, is fidgety and gets bored or loses focus easily. Does anyone have suggestions on more interactive curriculum to keep him interested? I’m really open to suggestions and I know eventually I will just have to dive in and start trying things but I’m an obsessive planner so I’m trying to get as much info as I can. Thanks

@Shaniece First of all, welcome to our little homeschool group and thank you for your family’s service. As far as curriculum, the very first thing I would recommend is to figure out his learning style. You say he likes hands on learning. If so, then you need to find projects that allow for that. Math, for example, can be very hands on with manipulatives. (Shiller Math, Math U See, etc, are a few of the options there). You can google “hands on learning” and the grade level. You can go to Pinterest (and get lost for hours) in all of the possibilities. No matter where you are, there is always a library. I’d also recommend Netflix - awesome documentaries! There are also “fidget” toys which help a student who likes to be in perpetual motion. :slight_smile:

Also, where is “home base” for your family? (your cars are registered where? etc) because you have to show accountability with homeschooling. Different states have different requirements. As a military homeschooler, you may have to check on that, because I don’t know the answer.

I’m sure more people will chime in so have fun! :slight_smile:

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One thing I do is get a curriculum guide for the grade my kids are in, this way I can make up my own way to teach vs following a book for every subject. You can get them on the Internet for free, or go to some of the homeschooling curriculum sites and they have them too for free. And then I use teachers pay teachers website (also have an app) and you can get a TON of FREE resources. Games, worksheets, writing prompts, etc… I also use Pinterest for ideas on projects and teaching certain concepts. Another thing that works for me is finding a few teacher blogs of the current grade(s) I’m teaching, they usually have some great ideas and resources.

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