IEW vs. EIW (Fix it! & SWI)

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I need help here! I just got EIW 1 & 2 but after going through it myself, I am not sure if I like it! It seems to be easier than I had anticipated and you don’t get much practice for each lesson. It just seems
"not enough", I not sure if I’ve overlooked something or what. I know this program received a very good reviews so I’m not sure if I should give it a try or find an alternative!

When I was initially searching for the writing curriculum, I considered IEW as well because of its rave reviews. But, I happened to find a used set of EIW so I went with that. Now I’m re-consider IEW again. My daughter is going to grade 2, but with her writing/reading skills, IEW customer service rep has recommended to try Fix it! Grammar and possibly SWI A. I’m wondering if I should do these two together or just do Fix it! Grammar for now and leave SWI A till grade 3. Did any of you get the Teaching set and is it necessary?

Any thoughts will be appreciated! Thanks!

I have used IEW SWI level B and EIW grade 3 (just a few lessons). My suggestion is Shurley english 2. It is a heavy weight grammar and beginning writing program. Children really get it. Great jingles (songs) and writing on Fridays.I would also recommend growing with grammar for grammar. I think rotating Shurley english for 2,4,6 grades with IEW would be a good way to go. Good luck.

We love IEW. We have done fix it grammar books 1, 2, and 3. They incrementally adfmore. Along with fix it we do IEWs writing DVDs etc. we have done Bible Heroes and All Thing Fun and Fascinating. With my older kids we have done SWI A, SICC A and B as well as Teaching the Classics, Window to the World and more! My kids are fully prepared for high school and college writing now.


Thanks so much @kellyc for listing all of the IEW writing courses you’ve used! We are just starting with Fix It (The Nose Tree) this coming year for my 4th Grader and starting SWI A the following year (or maybe in the spring) so I am grateful to see all of the programs you’ve used. My husband works for a University and he has talked with professors who have said the most prepared students in their literature/writing courses are those who have used IEW programs, so that was a major factor in my choosing this path going forward. Thanks again–I am going to make a note of the ones you’ve listed especially!

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Yu are welcome! We started with SWI A and I watched the TWSS and the SWI videos with the kids. That gave me the confidence to start with my younger boys. Enjoy!

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Thank you so much everyone for the very helpful insights! I think we’re going to give SWI A a try this year!

@kellyc, did you do TWSS first then SWI? The customer service rep suggested me do take it myself, I wonder if I need to do it before starting my daughter with SWI?


Do you mind sharing how you use Fix it and SWI at the same time? Do you do both daily or alternate? Thanks again!

Technically you are sposed to watch the TWSS- that is for your instructions (to teach your child. Ie you could come up with your own lessons based on that info. For example if you are studying WW1 then you could introduce the dress ups one by one with a paragraph on WW1)

So the SWI A DVDs are then for your kids instruction and includes material that IEW chooses.

I use both daily. Fix It should only take about 15 minutes and then depending on how our days goes, we do SWI in the afternoon (especially if it’s a longer video day) I can share s more detailsed schedule/format if you’d like.

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Do you feel it’s really necessary to do TWSS? or SWI is sufficient? I’m not good at writing myself and in fact, English is my second language. (I guess I should really do it for my own sake!) But, for the purpose of helping my kids, is it a must?

So, did you treat these two as separated writing/grammar subjects? I guess my question is they don’t need to be aligned for each lesson? Thanks again!

Please share. We are doing SWI A and Fix It next year and it will be our first time with both. Thanks!

Yes. I treated them as two different subjects. With fix it they are looking grammar daily as well as typing the story out. With SWI or any other IEW productt it is teaching them writing skills. What’s fun is they will begin to automatically add their grammar to their own writing as they learn it with Fix It

Ok at IEW they will tell you they work in tandem. I found the TWSS very helpful. I was an English major in college who could not figure out how to TEACH my children to write even though it came naturally to me. The great thing about IEW is a 100% guarantee and the resale value is very high. I ended up buying both and I’d probably do it that way again if I had to do it all over again. Hope that helps.

Thank you so much, Kellyc! It really helps a lot! While it’s good to have so many choices out there but at the same time making decision such a hard task! I got EIW but don’t think they’re challenging enough, not sure if I should even let my daughter try it. So, I’m hesitate to get another set of curriculum before much understanding about it. I really appreciate your input here!

Hey it’s just my 2 cents and what has worked for us. I was super frustrated with my son in tears and so was I. IEW has been first a matter of prayer, but also an answer to my prayers.
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Ps. I am happy to answer any more questions if that will help. Clearly we are sold on IEWstrong text