Iew or growing up with grammar

Hi, I have a 12-year-old and an 11-year-old who struggle with grammar. I’m thinking of using IEW this year but I’m a little confused where to start or what to buy. The site gives so many options I’m not sure which one is good for us. I’m have also considered to use Growing up with Grammar or combining it with IEW, but I don’t know if this would work or is too much for them.



A lot of people suggest starting with Fix-it Grammar level 1 because it introduces concepts that you will be using later on in other levels of Fix-it. I finished level 1 this past year with a 9 and 10 yo and plan to go ahead with Level 2 this year.

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IEW is an excellent choice. I would call their customer service and they will walk you through and help place where your kiddos need to be. It can seem overwhelming, but they are really great.

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Thanks for all the help. I decided to go with IEW for the older ones and PAL Writing for the youngest. I’ll be using AAR for the youngest. But, I would also like to know if IEW covers the reading part for the older ones and if can I combined Spelling U See with IEW or is this not necesary?

Thanks again, many blessings.

Sorry for the slow response. I do think you need to continue spelling if your olders still have a need and are using a program. We love Spelling U See and have used it along with IEW as well. I wouldn’t say that IEW covers reading and if you kids need help I would call IEW customer service and get their opinion since they know their programs so well. We’ve only had a positive experience with IEW.