IEW: Do you use Writing & FIx-It Grammar every day?

Good Evening COAH Friends,

I am starting the IEW program with my 3rd and 5th grader next year. I am doing the teacher course over the summer, so I’ll be prepared for the school year. However, from those who have used it… do you use both Fix It Grammar and the Writing DVD every day? Or do you space them out? Just needing some direction on scheduling :slight_smile:

Thanks All!

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Hello, this year I have started using fix it grammar and IEW Student Writing with my 4th, 5th, and 6th grader. This is how I taught it…the first half of the year I had my 5th and 6th grader do 2senteces a day because I believed the first fix it book (The Tree Nose) was “too easy” for my older ones to just do a sentence a day. So by them doing 2 sentences a day they will have completed the first and second book of fix it grammar in one year. My 4th grader however, only does one sentence a day and is doing great with it. So everyday my kids are doing 1 to 2 sentences a day Monday-Thursday in their fix it grammar. Writing they do everyday also! There is a scope and sequence in the front of the book that I follow. If you just did the lessons that follow the DVD it will only be a 15week curriculum, but if you do the reinforcement lessons (like I do) then it will be a full year’s curriculum. I would say follow the scope and sequence to make it easy on yourself. so to summarize yes, my kids do fix grammar and writing everyday! I hope this has helped you a little.

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Thanks so much! I love the insight into how families are using it :slight_smile:

We have used IEW for 5 years now, clearly we love it. We typically do Fix It Grammar 5 days a week even though it is scheduled for 4 days. This helps with unscheduled events (field trips, out of town for a wedding, grandparents in town, etc). Plus towards the end of our school year finishing Fix It a little early is awesome when we are coming to the end of our school year. It takes about 10-15 min a day. We usually do this earlier in our school morning. Then closer to the end of the morning or after lunch we do the writing part (dvd). The dvd lesson takes longer but the actual lesson time is pretty short especially since I figured out what I’m doing. :slight_smile:

Thanks Kelly! This is very helpful for us as first-timers!

Absolutely. I am happy to help. IEW is a wonderful product but I was very overwhelmed when I first began. I think the hardest part was actually just starting LOL.

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