Ideas for Playground Games for Co-op Class

I will be teaching a Traditional Playground Games class for our homeschool co-op and was wondering if any of you had any ideas or curriculum for this topic? Thanks!

I have taught the same class at a co op before (more than once with a gym and without a gym). I had a large age range K-6th grade. I would teach them how to play a sport and stay on that sport for 3-4 weeks. We played baseball (using whiffle balls), basketball, kickball, relay races, soccer and flag football.
Picking teams was one of their favorite things each week. I kept a list of who had already gone but I always picked two new kids to be the team captain. Sometimes I would let the captain pick everyone on their team and sometimes they would just pick the first person and then that person picked the next and so on.

I was thinking of some other fun games like Red Rover - where the kids line up in lines and shout “red, rover, red, rover, send… “” right over!” And they try and break through the line.

Also Run Rabbit Run - where you yell “run rabbit run” and they have to run from corner to corner - or tree to tree - and the ones that are it try and hit them with the balls to get them out — or tag them…

Also what about Freeze tag? Where you freeze when you are tagged, and have to get unfrozen by someone who isn’t it tagging your hand… etc.?