I hate laminating!

Hello Fellow Teachers,

Out of the tasks I dislike most, laminating must be #1. It takes so much time to cut the little cards and feed them through the school laminator, and then they end up curling, making them difficult to store flat. I am already buried in work, so this feels like such a waste of my time.

Do any of you know of an online laminating service, where I could send a file and have them print it, cut it and laminate it for me in thick plastic? Am I dreaming or does such a service exist?

I would prefer not to have to drive to a store myself, as my local Staples is always understaffed and I end up wasting time there too. I am looking for something done entirely by mail!!

Please let me know. Many thanks!

Does both printing and laminating. I have not personally used them. Their current turn-around time is 8 weeks or I would have tried them out.