How to get daughter to relax?

So we are new to homeschooling this year. I have an 11 year and a 6 year old. The 11 year did kindie thru 5 in the local elementary and I am having the hardest time “unschooling” her. She is so head up on being on the schedule and even if it means she works longer, she feels she has to finish all the lessons in the day they are written. Ideally yes, it is nice to stay close to the plan but I am not bothered that it may take longer for some than others but she is so afraid of getting in trouble. I told her that really no one looks at it in that great of detail and that here in our state as long as she does well on the odd year testing, all is fine. I kept trying to explain that our time is really our time, I want her to understand that

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Can you slow the schedule -make it less for a while? Does she enjoy learning for learning’s sake or is she “schedule-bound”? Maybe get her into learning some things in a fun way at an unhurried pace. . . .

Well she was in AP classes so she is very clever. She loves learning and loves the schedule of it all but it is more of she feels I will get in trouble if she doesn’t meet those schedules. Also she says "won’t you get mad if I don’t finish, at school we got yelled at when we didn’t finish. ". I am gutted that is the pressure she was under. I feel like it has given her the wrong impression of learning and why it is important

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Hang in there. It will all come together and she will understand that school had a different pace than home and you will both enjoy it. Good luck. she sounds like a neat and sweet girl.