How to combine different curriculums

Hi, I would like to know how can I work with two different curriculums for the same subject. For example, I will be using for my 6-year-old. AAS and Spelling-U-See. He is a very good speller and he reads since he was 4. He is gifted and loves letters and numbers. How can I combine this two curriculums? I used them the same day or different days. What would be the best way of doing this? I’m also planning on combining other curriculums with the oldest ones. Thank you.



I would probably choose one program as your main one, and use the other as a supplement on days when you have time. These two programs won’t follow the same scope and sequence as you move along in them, so there’s not a good way to combine them. (I actually find that’s true of a lot of curricula, even with history. Often the best way to use two resources is to just do each one as written–trying to reorganize things to make them match up tends to dismantle what really “works” about each one.)

That said, is there a reason you want to do two spelling programs? Why not just choose one and see how it goes?


Hi @Jazmin,
I believe @erica uses both, maybe she had a blog post about it - I’m not sure.
I probably am not going to be offering the help you are looking for because I don’t use those curriculums so I don’t have any tips for mixing the two that you’ve mentioned, although I believe you could use one as your main curriculum for spelling and then supplement with the other one.
Sometimes a child may need a little extra practice or a different perspective or approach at a certain point or perhaps you see the value in using the other curriculum as a supplement for whatever reason. I do that a lot with certain subjects and it keeps learning interesting and also personalized for each child.
I would suggest picking one as your main curriculum, and then adding the other once in a while if you find that’s what you want to do. Otherwise it could become too much for the child if you wanted then to do both every day, and then it wouldn’t be fun for anyone and you wouldn’t be reaching your goal.
I hope this is somewhat helpful and that someone else can give you some tips.


Thank you, Mary. I decided to go only with one and see how he does. I was thinking of going with two because I really like both and did not know which to choose. But because he is really Kinesthetic I decided that AAS would be good for him and also it already comes with the program I’ll be using which is PAL-writing.

Thank you for your help. Blessings.

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Thanks GC123 I will probably do this with the older ones. Or try using one the first semester and see how it goes. Thank you lots.

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