How to break the news to the kids they will be homeschooled next year

So we are 100% sure we are homeschooling next year. Right now the kids are in pre-k, 2nd and 4th grade. I want to tell them before school is out because I want them to say bye to some friends they probably won’t see again but I don’t want them thinking the rest of the school year doesn’t count. When/how did you tell your older kids? Oddly enough we have already told all 3 of their teachers so that isn’t an issue. 2 were super supportive and 1 was kind of on the fence because she mentioned sometimes it isn’t done “right”. But we are getting excited!

We have friends who homeschool so it wasn’t a strange concept for mine. I just st told them that next year we would be having school at home like (friend’s name). I then asked them some of what they would like yo study like Life vs Physical science or American vs Ancient history. We also explained some of the reasons dh and I made the decision.

My kids know other kids who are homeschooled but I know this is definitely going to be out of left field for them. It was something we never considered until this year.

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They will most likely handle it better than you think. When we were considering, we asked the kids opinions and thoughts, but letting them know it’s what we know is right for our family, so we’re in it together.
Our oldest when telling friends before summer break was embarrassed but all of them said something like “cool” and wished they were being home schooled too. (For various sometimes unrealistic reasons…) :smile:
My kids (same ages as yours) all handled the missing of friends differently, but soon it wasn’t even an issue.
Good luck…it’s scary and exciting. :smile:

I am the opposite, I have told the kids (currently 1st, 4th, and 6th), but not the school or teachers. At first, I was going to use K12 with my oldest for a year, then the youngest would come home and use k12 for a year, then the middle one would come home and they would all use K12. Then the middle changed her mind and wanted to homeschool and not be in honor choir, so they were going to use k12 and just the youngest go to school for a year. (Have to be in 3rd grade for K12 public school here in TX and she is going into 2nd.) Then, I was going to pull them out of K12 in the winter time and just homeschool all of them after I finished my last college class. But what was the point of buying all the stuff if we don’t use it for all year, so now they are all not going back next year. So it has slowly changes to just homeschooling in the fall. I was laughing the other day my youngest was like, I wonder who my teacher will be for 2nd grade. I was like me. I guess I forgot to tell her she was going to stay home, too. She had been begging and was not happy her sisters were getting to, but she still had to go to school. I had to make sure my girls wanted to do this. And the middle one had a hard choice to make, but end the end, this is what we all choose. DH is totally on board. He was like buy what they need. I have most of the stuff ready. Just need to figure out math :smile:

I’m anxious to tell our kids, but my husband wants to wait a little longer. We will definitely tell them before school ends so they can say goodbye to their friends. I am torn about how I think they will react. They go to a decent public school and have had all nice teachers(except one). I know they will miss certain things, but I think they will be excited to homeschool to.

This is us exactly! I am so excited and anxious to tell them but I want to hang on at least a couple more weeks!